Redefining ‘Realistic’

Shift Your Perspective. Seize Your Potential. Own Your Story.

Heather Moyse

“Be realistic.” That’s what we hear all the time, even when no one is actually saying it.

Heather Moyse was certainly not being “realistic” when she decided, at the age of twenty-seven, to try to represent Canada in the 2006 Winter Olympics just five months later, in a sport she had never done before: bobsleigh. So what did it take for this master’s student to become a three-time Olympian, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and the first Canadian woman—and only the second Canadian ever—to be inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame?

Heather shifted her perspective. By focusing on the possibilities, she redefined “realistic,” seized her potential, and took charge of her own story. Now she wants to help others do the same to free themselves from “practicality.” Her experience of embracing challenges, defying the odds, and proving the naysayers wrong has afforded her a unique perspective that she conveys in these pages. This book will empower you to recognize and challenge your fears and self-limiting beliefs, and question your assumptions of what you believe to be impossible. You will start seeing the opportunities and the possibilities that exist within your circumstances, whether it be in business, sports, or life.


“Smart, inspiring, and incredibly thoughtful, with a lesson about your potential and how to reach it on every page.”

Three-time Olympian and two-time Olympic gold medalist HEATHER MOYSE is a multi-sport athlete and now a highly respected motivational speaker. She’s competed internationally in track-cycling, rugby, and bobsleigh, in which she and her teammate won gold at the Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. In 2016, Heather was the first Canadian female, and only the second Canadian ever, to be inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame. Heather uses her personal experiences and professional training as an occupational therapist to encourage and inspire others to embrace challenges and face adversities head-on, to believe in the possibilities of achieving their dreams, and to fulfill their potential whether in sport, business, or life. To further personally embrace these points, Heather also summited the highest mountain in Antarctica in January 2016 with eight members of the Canadian Armed Forces to raise awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder. As a lifelong humanitarian, Heather donates her time and talent to many community events and national charities, earning her the Order of Prince Edward Island, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, and the Randy Starkman Olympian Humanitarian Award.

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