The Bigger Deal

Work Your Way to a Life of Meaning

Sunny Bindra

The Bigger Deal: Work Your Way to a Life of Meaning is a book about possibilities. It is an impassioned demonstration that there is so much more every single one of us can do to have bigger lives. The Bigger Deal is about better businesses, better careers, and better contributions to our shared humanity. It is a book about the meaning of work, success, and life.

Springing from Sunny’s work as a business advisor, educator, columnist, and speaker, The Bigger Deal is written for those who care about doing more with their lives. It shows business folk how to use a powerful sense of purpose to build organizations that truly excel. It exhorts employers to bring the best out of their staff members by treating them as human beings, not human resources. It demonstrates to employees the need to use work, no matter how humble, as a path to inner fulfillment. It is about CEOs and porters, entrepreneurs and clerks, artists and artisans.


“Sunny Bindra is a BIG DEAL. Because he shares with relentless generosity and works to make the possibilities bigger for everyone he engages with.”

SUNNY BINDRA works as a “sense maker”—he helps CEOs, chairmen, executives, and entrepreneurs make sense of their worlds. He is a renowned management consultant, columnist, public speaker, and author. He has written Crown Your Customer (2007), The Peculiar Kenyan (2010), and, most recently, The Bigger Deal (2018). His column in the Sunday Nation, East Africa’s most widely read newspaper, has been running since 2003. Sunny describes himself as a drumbeater for meaning in work and life, and his no-holds-barred style has won many plaudits in Africa and beyond. He is the founder of Fast Forward, a premier leadership program running out of Nairobi, Kenya.

ISBN 978-9966120434
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Published July 20, 2018
5 × 8 226 Pages
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