Public Sector Marketing Pro

The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing and Social Media for Government and Public Sector - Revised for a Post-Pandemic World

Joanne Sweeney

Do you need to transform your communications department into a specialist digital and social media team? The newly revised Public Sector Marketing Pro is the definitive guide for government and public sector agencies, politicians, political parties and NGOs on how to successfully reach and engage with the public in the Digital Age. With over 20 years’ experience in journalism, digital marketing and communications, Joanne Sweeney highlights how communication has changed in our post-pandemic world. New and updated chapters include case studies from public health officials on how they modified their tactics as the public demanded more information quicker than ever before. This crash course in digital public engagement will teach you how to:

  • Transform outdated communications strategy into agile digital plans
  • Respond to the public in real time on social media—even if you’re understaffed
  • Effectively respond to crises online
  • Leverage digital communications to meet your organisation’s larger objectives
  • Understand and adapt to the changes that occurred during the pandemic

Public Sector Marketing Pro is your ultimate training manual to becoming a skilled leader in your field and online.


“Joanne Sweeney’s newly updated Public Sector Marketing Pro has everything you need to know about digital marketing and social media in one easy-to-read guide. Her insightful advice will help you transform your marketing communications work. A game changer!”

“I wouldn’t be without the book. Joanne Sweeney speaks in such an informed way about the value of marketing in the public sector. Her expertise and enthusiasm for working together to build a network of professionals are infectious and inspiring!”

“Joanne Sweeney is a Digital Ninja Queen! This book arms you with the tools you need to lead digital marketing and transformation. You’ll learn the communication and change management techniques to support an agile and future-focused approach to your business strategy—and how to implement them. A must-read for all leaders in public sector to support our delivery in an ever-changing environment.”


“Too often public agencies have the communications mindset of ‘Here’s what you need to know.’ Joanne Sweeney raises the bar with an easy-to-follow system to reassess social media to manage the message in a medium of chaos and misinformation.”

“The ‘how to’ social media guide for public agencies to better reach the citizens they serve. From seeking assistance for investigations to communicating about incidents and events to marketing programmes and projects, the widespread use of social media channels is essential. Every public safety agency should have this book.”

“Joanne Sweeney makes complex digital marketing strategies and ideas seem achievable and exciting. Couple this with how she proved her agility both during and after a global pandemic as a communications leader herself, and you’re in for a real treat!”


Joanne Sweeney is the founder of Digital Training Institute and a passionate writer, podcaster and vlogger. A former broadcast journalist, Joanne has an impressive 20-year career in all forms of media and communications, from PR to lecturing, corporate communications, digital marketing and social media. She is the founder of Public Sector Marketing Institute, a specialist digital communications agency for government and public sector organisations.

Joanne is the host of the Public Sector Marketing Show podcast and organiser of the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit. Her first book, Social Media Under Investigation: Law Enforcement and the Social Web, takes a forensic look at how police forces are leveraging social media for crime investigation, public relations and community engagement. She has also developed a suite of accredited online courses and coaching programmes to help public sector marketing pros excel in digital communications. Her global audience of clients comprises marketers, business owners and communications professionals in public life.

A life-long learner, Joanne holds 11 academic and professional qualifications, including a master’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in digital marketing. Joanne is an advanced digital marketing trainer for Google and is a regular on the speaker circuit and has appeared on numerous stages in the US, Australia, mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland. She was a speaker at Meta’s first Government Digital Transformation Summit in 2021.

ISBN 978-1-9161149-2-0
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Published October 27, 2022
6 × 9 288 Pages
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