Public Sector Marketing Pro

The Definitive Guide to Digital Marketing and Social Media for Government and Public Sector

Joanne Sweeney

Written by a well-respected expert on digital marketing, Public Sector Marketing Pro is the definitive guide for government and public sector agencies, politicians, political parties, and NGOs on how to successfully reach and engage with the public in the Digital Age. This crash course in digital public engagement for immediate results will teach you how to:

  • Transform your traditional marketing or PR department into an agile digital war room
  • Influence public opinion using social media
  • Respond to the public in real time on social media—even if you’re understaffed
  • Effectively respond to crises on social media
  • Leverage social media to meet your organization’s larger objectives

Public Sector Marketing Pro is your ultimate training manual to becoming a skilled leader in your field and online.


“Digital fluency is imperative in the public sector, where the mission is delivering citizen services to the public. Joanne Sweeney’s book presents digital tactics and strategies in relatable ways applicable to your daily work. It’s an instruction manual to use the rapidly evolving technologies of today and prepare you for the workforce of tomorrow.”

“Public sector agencies have no choice but to embrace digital marketing and social media. An effective communications strategy must meet your audience where they are—online. Public Sector Marketing Pro provides the perfect primer for all public sector marketing and communications professionals. It’s a must-read if you want to stay relevant in today’s digital environment.”

“Joanne Sweeney has done what’s been needed in her industry for quite some time… she’s made sense of a crowded, noisy digital marketing world in a way that will empower those that spearhead change and make a difference, whether they’re a marketer, manager, or leader in the public sector industry.”

“The book that public sector communication managers were waiting for. A comprehensive story that gives all you need to build the best online strategy for your organization. Joanne mastered making the sometimes hard-to-understand online communications world crystal clear for everyone. This book supports newcomers to get the necessary information to build up the best strategy, and advanced communicators to rethink your strategy and make it even better.”


“With the current global political climate and trust in government waning, this book is a definite must-read for anyone involved in digital communications in government! This book is a ‘how-to’ step-by-step guide, which is often missed in the current literature… Public Sector Marketing Pro gives you practical and clear advice.”

“This book is essential reading for anyone working in social media in the public sector. Joanne really understands how the public sector differs from the private, how our goals and KPIs need to mirror that of our overall communications strategy, and how our social strategy should be built with culture in mind. We have a relatively new team—this book will really help guide us as we plan for the next iteration of our social strategy.”

“Whether you are a marketing pro or you’re just starting to set up your digital strategy, Public Sector Marketing Pro is a must-read. I could hardly put it down. Providing a chapter-by-chapter checklist illustrated by relevant examples and filled with industry research, it has easily become my ‘social media strategy bible.'”

“Are you a public sector marketing pro and not sure where to start with digital marketing transformation? Perhaps confused by this fast-paced industry? Look no further, this is the book for you! Public Sector Marketing Pro is an encyclopedia of knowledge—easy to follow, understand, and apply. It’s possible to dive in at any stage and find the answers you need. It’s my go-to resource.”

“This book is great for anyone working in the public sector looking to delve into the digital world. An interesting read full of great insights, tips, and tricks. It’s the perfect handbook for anyone starting out, and so enjoyable to read.”

“This book is packed full of practical tips, insights, and tool kits for navigating the unique social media landscape that exists in the public sector. From developing social media strategies to dealing with crisis situations, to how to target specific audiences so that we can deliver the best and most relevant information to the population of Ireland and beyond. Joanne Sweeney has laid out all of her superlative knowledge and experience in this field for you. It will be my bible from now on.”

“Joanne Sweeney’s book is an essential read to help public sector marketing pros move forward in these digital times. There are so many actionable takeaways that this book will sit on my desk and be dipped into most days.”

“Joanne Sweeney has written a comprehensive book on social media that serves existing marketing professionals in the public sector. In the era of fake news and growing misinformation, this book offers public sector marketing pros solid advice on how to turn the discussion around and use social media for the good of the citizens. Public Sector Marketing Pro is for everyone who has a leadership role and is ready to embrace the Digital Age. And who isn’t?”


Joanne Sweeney is the founder of Digital Training Institute and a passionate writer, podcaster, and vlogger. A former broadcast journalist, Joanne has an impressive twenty-year career in all forms of media and communications, from PR to lecturing, corporate communications, digital marketing, and social media. She is the creator of Public Sector Marketing Pros, a dedicated online hub for those working in government and public sector agencies.

Joanne is also the founder of the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit. Her first book, Social Media Under Investigation: Law Enforcement and the Social Web, takes a forensic look at how police forces are leveraging social media for crime investigation, public relations, and community engagement. She has also developed a suite of accredited online courses and coaching programs to help public sector marketing pros excel in digital communications. Her global audience of clients comprises marketers, business owners, and communications professionals in public life.

A life-long learner, Joanne holds eleven academic and professional qualifications, including a master’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in digital marketing. Joanne works with government bodies, international political organizations, police forces, media companies, and the private sector on digital transformation. She is a regular on the speaker circuit and has appeared on numerous stages in the US, mainland Europe, the UK, and Ireland. Joanne’s clients include Google, for whom she delivers their Connected Consumer Lab across Europe.

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Published June 12, 2019
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