Optimizing Your Performance with Lessons Learned from Sport

Ben Sporer, PhD

Sustain high performance through what you can control: your output.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to be at the top of your game. By understanding the dynamic relationship between your objectives and the actions required to achieve them, you can perform at the highest level in your profession—consistently, on demand, when it counts. If you’ve got your eyes locked on your outcome, you need to get your mind set on your output.

In Output, Olympic physiologist and performance consultant Ben Sporer combines his scientific expertise with decades of experience in sport and business to simplify the strategies of high-performing athletes and how they can apply to anyone, in any field. By explaining the mechanics of the Core 4 performance factors and reframing the link between preparation, action, and purpose, Sporer reveals a performance solution that empowers you to prize output over outcome.

Whether you’re an executive, an entrepreneur, an artist, or an athlete—if you’re ready to see what you can achieve when working at your best, Output will help you get there. This accessible and integrated approach to high-level human performance is a must-read resource that will help you prioritize and strategize your efforts toward your highest level of productivity and success.


“For the past decade, I have had the pleasure of a front row seat observing Ben Sporer putting his expertise into action. Ben’s ability to guide individuals, groups, teams, and organizations to look within themselves to find and develop their high-performance plan is proven and impressive. Whether we’re on the field, in the office, or out helping our communities, this playbook gives us the framework to discover our next higher level and beyond.”

“I have worked with over fifty Olympic medalists. This book will not only give you their winning recipe, but it will also show you how to apply it to your career and everyday life. Ben Sporer is one of the best in his domain because he is a master at simplifying and customizing his approach. When reading Output, this is exactly what I felt: Ben found a way for every reader to capture and apply key performance concepts to their reality. As an individual, you will find the map to your true potential. As a leader, you will acquire tools to help others reach theirs.”

“It’s thrilling to read the details that break down how Ben Sporer helped my snowboard career in a period when his leadership catapulted the success rate of the Canadian snowboard cross team performances. Reading Output instantly ignited my desire to be back at the 2010 Olympic Games, on top of Cypress Mountain, knowing we were prepared to perform, all orchestrated by our maestro Ben. The lessons learned in this book have already given me ideas to elevate my work as a coach and as a parent.”


“Working with Ben Sporer these past fifteen years has optimized my performance both on the bike and in the boardroom. Ben has been able to maximize my output and, in turn, my results.”

“Having had the privilege to work with Ben Sporer for over fifteen years, I have consistently increased my output athletically, professionally, and personally. Ben’s approach has had a major impact on the culture of my organization, my fitness goals, and my desire to increase my overall daily performance! Doing the work is essential, but a comprehensive plan will ensure you meet or exceed your full potential.”

“Late into my first season playing in the NHL, I realized that my overall preparation and training regimen needed to change if I wanted to reach my maximum potential. That summer, I met Ben Sporer. Ben’s approach to the human body and high performance has greatly improved both my life and my career. He is able to zero in on goals by setting up the clear and definitive programs needed to achieve them.”


Ben Sporer, PhD, found his passion for competitive sport in early adulthood and has since spent twenty-five years working in elite sport and human performance. He has held multiple roles with the Canadian Sports Institute and, as an accomplished physiologist, has led support teams at summer and winter Olympic games, as well as at World Cup and World Championship events. In addition to his role as founder of Resync, a boutique consultancy firm for sports organizations, athletes, and corporate clients, Ben is an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia and the vice president of performance strategy for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of MLS.

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Published October 24, 2023
5.25 × 8 234 Pages
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