Meta-Leadership by Constance Dierickx book cover


How to See What Others Don't and Make Great Decisions

Constance Dierickx

Learn to avoid common leadership decision-making traps.

Despite what you may think, all top leaders make mistakes, simply because they are human. In fact, the more senior and successful they are, the more susceptible they are to making errors—because as confidence increases, hubris often does as well. But, as Constance Dierickx demonstrates, this doesn’t have to be your fate.

In Meta-Leadership, Dierickx draws on a vast body of research from psychology and business to show how great leaders can improve their judgment for stronger, more profitable results. Incorporating leading-edge data and research on the science of thinking, emotional regulation, and behavior, Meta-Leadership offers fascinating stories, incisive insights, and useful takeaways for better leadership and better outcomes.

Discover how to use a dose of uncertainty to counterbalance overconfidence in split-second decisions; show courage without being reckless in a crisis; demonstrate that different situations call for different types of action; and more. You’ll also learn how to be a better judge of other people to lead more effectively. And just imagine what a 20-percent improvement in decisions on investments could be worth.

Whether you are at the start of your leadership journey or have held a senior leadership role for years, Meta-Leadership will arm you with knowledge and insights to achieve the highest results from yourself and your team.


“A powerful and comprehensive guide to seeing past distortions to make great decisions! Constance Dierickx’s expert knowledge combines with actionable advice for a must-read book for every leader.”

“Drawing on research and illuminated by memorable examples, Meta-Leadership shines a needed light on leadership from the inside out.”

“Meta-leadership is the art of seeing a situation clearly—and without distortion—so you can make the strongest, most sound executive decisions possible. Constance Dierickx should be given a standing ovation for her pioneering work on the subject.”


“The ultimate book on thinking, leading, and making good decisions.”

“In Meta-Leadership, Constance Dierickx explains that being a wise leader requires the ability to push past simplistic dichotomies by relying on more complex understanding of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

“Rigorous research illuminated by stories of admirable, and some not-so-great, leaders make Meta-Leadership an essential read for leaders and those who aspire to lead with excellence.”

“A groundbreaking, evidence-driven book that helps leaders evaluate and improve their own thinking, emotions, and behaviors. A winner!”


Constance Dierickx, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in high-stakes decision-making who has advised leaders and delivered speeches in more than twenty countries. Founder and president of CD Consulting Group, her clients include boards of directors and senior executives in Fortune 20 companies, private equity firms, and large not-for-profits. She is the author of High-Stakes Leadership: Leading through Crisis with Courage, Judgment, and Fortitude, and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Chief Executive, and others, and has taught strategic decision-making at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow, Russia. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

ISBN 978-1-77458-216-9
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Published April 18, 2023
6 × 9 208 Pages
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