Bragging Rights by Lisa Bragg

Bragging Rights

How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion

Lisa Bragg

Shed your invisibility cloak and achieve success.

“Be a good girl, put your head down, do good work, and eventually someone will notice.” So many of us have been told that if we just follow the rules and work hard, then we will be rewarded. But in these transformative times, old formulas and ideas like this don’t work anymore—if they ever did!

The reality is, you’ve already been doing excellent work, and yet opportunities have probably slipped by you. Maybe you’ve been waiting to get that next-level promotion, draw in higher-profile clients, or attract the people who will make partnerships that matter. Whatever you are waiting for, one thing is true: if you want the opportunities you most certainly deserve, you must learn to talk about your work using purposeful self-promotion. You can no longer wait for others simply to take notice of you and reward you accordingly.

In this cutting-edge, new book, acclaimed speaker and advisor Lisa Bragg examines the circumstances that have led people to believe they should stay quiet rather than speak up about their work. Drawing on the most comprehensive study on bragging done to date, along with interviews with highly successful people across multiple fields worldwide, she explains both the obstacles to self-promotion and how they can be overcome to create more opportunities for yourself and others, including those you lead.

Skillfully blending extensive research with practical application, Bragging Rights is a must-read for anyone who wants to shed the invisibility cloak and achieve life-changing success.


“Smart, kind, and useful, it’s the sort of insight you’ll be glad you paid attention to.”

“A must-read for everyone who has felt overlooked or undervalued, and for the leaders who want to help them shine. Bragging Rights will shift your mindset and uncover opportunities beyond your aspirations.”

Bragging Rights gives you both permission and motivation to joyfully and authentically share your gifts. This book will help you open doors in your career, grow your business, and allow your work to make the biggest impact in the world.”


“You should be your greatest advocate. For practical, courageous ways to be seen and heard, this might be the book you’re looking for.”

“If you want to know how to get unstuck and proudly share your work with the world, Bragging Rights is a must-read book with actionable advice on how to lead with confidence and tell your story.”


LISA BRAGG has devoted her life to helping people be seen and heard. Inspired at a young age to become a TV journalist, Lisa was a videographer, anchor, and show host. She then founded a company, MediaFace, pioneering what we now know as content for our digital world. While she was the CEO, the company twice received the Growth 500 Award for the fastest-growing businesses in Canada. Now, Lisa is a leading thinker who inspires leaders, experts, visionaries, and their teams to stand out and fit in during this transformative era through various programs. She lives in Toronto with her family.

ISBN 978-1-77458-279-4
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Published May 11, 2023
5.5 × 8.5 254 pages Pages
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