A Taste of Opportunity by Renee Guilbault

A Taste of Opportunity

An Insider’s Guide to Boosting Your Career, Making Your Mark, and Changing the Food Industry from Within

Renee Guilbault

The most important ingredient for success in the food industry? You.

The food world has long kept a big secret: that everything is possible in this industry. Big dreams? You can achieve them here. No degree or connections? No problem. The scale of opportunity to earn a fantastic income, live a life of creativity and freedom, and even change the world is staggering. And all you need to get started is yourself.

This book is designed to help anyone who wants a rewarding career in food, whether you’re in your first hourly-wage job, ready to move into management, or looking ahead to executive leadership. Drawing on her own raw and sometimes shocking experiences of working her way from the very bottom to the astonishing top, food-industry executive and consultant Renee Guilbault will teach you how to run your professional life in Mise Mode: her own unique career-development version of mise en place, the famous chef’s process for making sure ingredients are prepped and ready to go. You’ll learn how to keep moving forward in your career, navigate inevitable challenges, and embrace growth and resilience—all in service of achieving your career dreams. Truly special bonus materials include fifteen industry experts sharing their career stories and leadership insights along with some amazing recipes.

A Taste of Opportunity shows you the enormity of what’s possible in this industry and gives you the tools to make the industry work its magic for you.


“Renee Guilbault reached the pinnacle of the food industry and now opens the door so that anyone with talent and motivation can follow in her footsteps. This is the definitive insider’s guide to the food industry. I wish I had this book when I was starting my journey into the world of food.”

“Reading this book gave me so many a-ha moments—I wish I had received advice like this when I was starting out as a young manager. I want everyone on my team to read it, no matter where they are on their career journey!”

“This is a captivating read for anyone who cares about the food industry and especially those with an interest in a career in food. I can tell you from having sampled Renee Guilbault’s amazing cooking that she knows how to combine incredibly delicious taste with health and sustainability and that’s what this book brings out—a truly delicious ‘recipe’ for what’s achievable in the industry.”


“Renee Guilbault shares her career journey in a direct, humorous, and authentic way. Filled with insights and advice (and delicious recipes!), this book is a much-needed resource for anyone interested in, or navigating their way through, a career in the food industry.”

“A must-read book for anyone looking to examine a career path and take the food industry by storm! Engaging, practical, and applicable—well done!”


RENEE GUILBAULT is a veteran food-industry leader with expertise in large-scale, global, multi-unit food and beverage operations. Before launching her consulting firm, Essayer Food Consulting, she held leadership roles at Pret A Manger, Bon Appétit Management Company at Google, Compass Group, and Le Pain Quotidien, where she was instrumental in developing revolutionary menus and executing high-volume strategies all over the world. She lives in Boston with her family. essayerfoodconsulting.com

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Published January 11, 2023
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