Book Publishing Success: What Does It Mean to You?

Feb 13, 2017


As well as being authors, our clients are subject-matter experts, professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. They are interested in publishing well not just for the sake of selling books, but for many other reasons: the dissemination of new ideas; promoting their business and brand; getting the attention of the right customers and stakeholders; to name a few. These “fringe benefits” of publishing often end up taking centre stage in an author’s publishing journey. We thought we might share some examples of fringe-benefit success, for anyone out there who is considering publishing but wonders whether all of the hard work will be worth it:
One of our clients phoned us a mere few weeks after her book launched to say that she had instantly earned back all of the financial investment she had made into self-publishing. The book found its way to a manager at a prominent organization who immediately got in touch and hired her to give a keynote presentation and a week’s worth of in-house training.
Another client was interviewed on a series of podcasts which offered great exposure for him and his consulting firm, and generated several business development leads. He had been keen trying to connect with the podcast hosts for some time, but it wasn’t until his book was launching that the hosts felt compelled to reach out to him.
In a dramatic twist, another client had a long-lost relative reach out to her after discovering and reading her book. The relative said she wouldn’t have had the courage to reconnect with our client without having read the book, which made her feel like a reunion would be not only possible, but welcome.
Sometimes the unexpected or ancillary benefits of book publishing that have the strongest impact. Contact us to share your success story—we’d love to hear from you!