Welcoming Our New Client Leslie Ehm, Combustion’s Chief Fire Starter

Dec 1, 2017
Topics: News

Leslie EhmWe’re excited to be working with Combustion’s Chief Fire Starter, Leslie Ehm!

Leslie Ehm has been training brains and changing minds for over eleven years. A former musician, script editor and TV host turned ad agency Creative Director, Leslie learned first hand the challenges that corporations have in creative problem solving, collaboration, presenting and storytelling. The entrepreneur in her decided to take matters into her own hands and she left the agency business to launch a very different kind of training company.

Initially aimed at agency professionals, Leslie’s vision grew and evolved into what today is Combustion Training—an award-winning training company known for its no-bullshit, experiential, relevant and irreverent training. And the business world has finally caught on. Combustion’s global clients include Google, TD Bank, Honda, Pepsico, McDonald’s, Disney and many more.

Aside from running Combustion, the evangelist of creativity and communication is also a sanctioned amateur boxer, is on the faculty of both the ANA School of Marketing and the Institute for Communications Agencies (ICA). She is certified by the Creative Problem Solving Institute, a guild member of the Creative Education Foundation, and a sought-after keynote speaker.

Leslie is known as a force of nature in her industry and for her brand of deep insight and irreverent training methods that truly work. She prides herself on being able to step into even the most conservative rooms and blow minds and hearts wide open. She is a staunch advocate of authenticity in everything she does and lives to release it into others. That’s why Leslie chose this very topic for her upcoming book, Swagger.

Using the experience, tricks, and truths she has discovered over years of training and coaching executives, leaders, students, entrepreneurs, and artists, Leslie aims to equip readers with the ability to walk into any room feeling bullet-proof. She will reveal that “swagger”—the un-ignorable proof of confidence—is more than just a façade that one puts on or an image that one develops. When it comes to possessing genuine confidence-fuelled swagger, it is Leslie’s strongest belief that these sought-after traits come from knowing your truth and intention at the very core—and believing the hell out of it. Through tangible, practical advice and techniques, Leslie will enable her readers to work through all the tricky layers separating them from their badass-ness, and allow them to embrace and embody their swagger from within. Leslie Ehm is all about unleashing her participants’ potential—and now her readers’—and we hope you’re ready for the ride.