Welcoming Our New Client Justin Bariso

Oct 25, 2017
Topics: News

Justin BarisoWe are thrilled to announce our new client Justin Bariso!

Justin Bariso is an author and consultant who helps organizations think differently and communicate with impact. In 2016, LinkedIn named him the “Top Voice” in “Management and Culture.” As a leadership and communications expert, Justin frequently contributes on these topics, with a primary focus on emotional intelligence. His work has been published on Time.com and Business Insider (among others), and he is one of Inc.com’s most widely-read columnists.

In his latest project, EQ, Applied, Bariso takes a long, hard look at the concept of emotional intelligence, which many have heralded as the secret, intangible key to success since it was introduced decades ago. Through fascinating research, modern examples, and personal stories, the author illustrates how EQ works in the real world. Based on this foundation, he provides a practical approach to emotional intelligence, including an effective set of tools to help readers learn how to make emotions work for them, instead of against them. 

EQ, Applied will be available in 2018.