Welcoming Our New Client, Corporate Comedian John Garrett!

Dec 18, 2017
Topics: News

John GarrettWe’re excited to announce that we’re working with corporate comedian, John Garrett, on his debut publication—What’s Your And? Overcome Professionalism to Have a Bigger Impact.

After spending over a decade in corporate finance as a CPA, a senior financial analyst, and most recently as a business development director, Garrett, a self-proclaimed “recovering Big Four CPA,” changed gears and became a keynote speaker and corporate comedian and emcee—to great success. As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, he’s experienced with speaking to a corporate audience (including tech companies, banks, and the Big Four) and is known for bringing teams together with his hilariously acute observations about Corporate America. Between the audience and clients he has worked with over the course of 1,900 performances, he has a track record of leaving behind lasting impressions—sometimes decade-long—and more importantly, lasting impact on employee morale and team building within each organization.

With his upcoming book, Garrett turns his attention to the individual and sets out to challenge the outdated standards of what defines professionalism, and proves that being a “green apple” amidst a sea of red can boost one’s career in vast and unexpected ways. Garrett has garnered success from breaking the professional stereotype and is here to share the how-to. What’s Your And? is a straightforward book that helps professionals unleash the full potential of their careers, by equipping them with the skills to develop stronger relationships and to use their unique talents to their advantage. In a world where fitting into a mold of professionalism is seen as the golden rule of corporate success, Garrett exemplifies how suffocating your personality might be stifling your career—a lesson that is often lost among MBA programs, professional certifications, and countless workshops.

What’s Your And? Overcome Professionalism to Have a Bigger Impact will be available in fall 2018.