The Author’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Dec 20, 2013

The holidays are approaching, and we’ve got gift-giving on the brain. We’re thinking about writers and what’s on their wish lists. And we’re thinking about what we want most for the writers we support. In the spirit of holiday cheer and New Year’s wishes, here is Page Two’s adaptation of The Twelve Days of Christmas: 


On the first day of Christmas, the book charts gave to me:

One #1 Bestseller

(because that’s what so many of us aspire to, after all)


On the second day of Christmas, my agent gave to me:

Two writer’s block-busting bottles of whiskey

(hey, we all get stuck sometimes)


On the third day of Christmas, my book designer gave to me:

Three Brilliant cover design options

(every great book deserves a great package)


On the fourth day of Christmas, my family gave to me:

Four weeks at a writer’s retreat

(we all need a bit of peace and quiet to write)


On the fifth day of Christmas, my publisher gave to me:

Five great endorsements

(they decorate a book jacket so nicely)


On the sixth day of Christmas, the critics gave to me:

Six rave reviews

(whether in the New York Times or on Goodreads, these can give books a big boost)


On the seventh day of Christmas, my publisher gave to me:

Seven reprints in seven months

(okay, this one goes hand-in-hand with the #1 Bestseller)


On the eighth day of Christmas, my editor gave to me:

Eight Weeks’ worth of engaged editing

(in our opinion, a manuscript’s best friend)


On the ninth day of Christmas, my publisher gave to me:

A nine-city reading tour

(to packed venues, standing-room only, naturally)


On the tenth day of Christmas, my readers gave to me:

Ten Facebook likes

(build your platform, one like at a time!)


On the eleventh day of Christmas, the media gave to me:

Eleven media queries

(we all need good publicity)


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my readers gave to me:

12 Enthusiastic re-tweets

(let the Twitter games begin)


Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Happy New Year and happy bookish pursuits!


Trena & Jesse

Page Two