Your Best Work

Create the Working Life That's Right for You

Tom Morin

Our world is changed by the work we do. Do your best work and change the world.

Whether you’ve worked for decades at the same job or you’re facing important, first-career decisions, you know how important it is to care about your work. But how do you create a deeply meaningful working life in a world that tries to set your career expectations and limit your choices?

In this empowering and illuminating book, Tom Morin shows how a brush with death forced him to critically examine his own working life, and compelled him to help others do the same. Using his powerful three-part process, Morin shows you how to find the courage to shake off stereotypes and create a working life that is uniquely right for you.

In Your Best Work, Morin will help you:

  • appreciate the meaning of work in your life, and discover the work you truly care about
  • recognize and address what’s holding you back from feeling good about the work you already do
  • contribute to the well-being of others, regardless of the work you do
  • take steps every day to create the career that’s right for you

Whether you’re seeking a new working life, or simply seeking to reconnect with a job you once loved, Your Best Work gives you permission to love the work you do, and do the work you love.


Your Best Work is the modern guide to meaningful work. Tom Morin understands the nuances of modern work and what it takes to truly do your best work today, tomorrow, and every day.”

Your Best Work offers a pragmatic and structured approach to discover our way to meaningful work. Tom Morin distills the process into simple and actionable steps to propel individuals and organizations forward into a new world of work.”

“Tom Morin enables you to envision the work that is meaningful to you and gives you a road map to get there. In Your Best Work, Morin uses real-life examples to inspire and empower readers to create change in their working lives.”

“It’s unusual in a business book to be ‘gripped,’ but I was taken in from the beginning of Tom Morin’s extremely well-written book. Morin writes beautifully about our search for meaning at work, and our desire to take control of our working lives. He presents a level-headed and easy to understand model that’s valuable for anyone setting out in their career, or looking to reassess it. I wish I had this book when I started out. An excellent read.”


“Tom Morin connects the work we do with the difference it makes. Your work and your company can make the world a better place, and Your Best Work shows how.”

“At some point we will all ask ourselves two questions: ‘What am I here to do?’ and ‘How can I be my best?’ Most days we will avert our gaze and turn away from these transformational questions. When you tire of that strategy, and are drawn to discover your own answers, you will find indispensable guidance in the ideas, insights, and examples Tom Morin has included in this approachable, engaging, and very well-written book.”


Tom Morin is an inspiring speaker and writer who is redefining meaningful work and leadership development. Tom’s challenging and sometimes dangerous working life has inspired his mission to create a better world of work for ourselves and future generations. After his military career, Tom became a project manager and people leader in multinational corporations. Toward the end of his corporate career, he co-founded Work Innovation Partners before providing consulting and coaching services through Work Feels Good. Tom is associate faculty at Royal Roads University, where he was a recipient of the University Founders’ Award, and an instructor at Mount Royal University. Tom’s consulting and coaching practice is focused on leadership in critical moments and helping individuals and organizations make work meaningful. To learn more about Tom, go to

ISBN 978-1-989603-50-5
$19.95 CAD $14.95 USD
Published March 17, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 160 Pages
Paperback, ebook