Wire Your Brain for Confidence

The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt

Louisa Jewell, MAPP

Do you ever wonder why you are confident in some areas of your life, yet in other areas you have so much fear and self-doubt?

The good news is scientists have discovered the formula for how you can wire your brain for a more action-oriented kind of confidence that boosts your courage to act—even when you’re feeling afraid. In this approachable and game-changing guide, positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell shows that adopting a resilient mindset will enable you to show up as your best self at home and in the workplace. Jewell has deep knowledge of the science of the good life, honed through years of study and practice, and here she presents only the most effective and proven techniques for increasing your grit and confidence. Through stories, reflection questions, and exercises, she will guide you from fear to courage, and give you the ability to accomplish the goals that seemed impossible. Wire Your Brain for Confidence will put you on the fast track to flourishing in every area of your life.


“Timely and well-written, Wire Your Brain for Confidence translates complex research into understandable, practical, and vital tools not just for surviving the modern world, but remaking it. Amidst all the competition, demands upon our time, and societal pressure, Louisa Jewell provides a clear path forward for girls and women everywhere striving to define success and worth for themselves.”

LOUISA JEWELL is the founder and president of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. The CPPA brings together leading-edge researchers and practitioners from around the world to study and understand where human potential, success, and happiness intersect. Louisa has spoken to thousands of people around the world about how to increase happiness, resilience, and meaning so they can show up as their best selves and do their best work. She holds a master’s in applied positive psychology, teaches positive psychology at the University of Toronto and the University of Texas–Dallas, and regularly delivers webinars and workshops to clients in all sectors.

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Published September 21, 2017
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