The Revenue Acceleration Playbook

Creating an Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

Brent Keltner

Want to accelerate your revenue? Stop selling, and  start connecting.

Today’s buyers are inundated with sales pitches coming at them from websites, peer reviews, social media, and email blasts. Is it any wonder they’re overloaded, overwhelmed, and tuned out?

The fact is, product-centered pitching simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Buyers don’t want to hear about your product’s features—they want to hear about how it can solve their problems or help them reach their goals. In The Revenue Acceleration Playbook, sales and marketing expert Brent Keltner introduces a proven, go-to-market framework to increase personalization and authenticity across every step of the buyer journey—from initial buyer engagement and prospecting, to closing new deals and expanding customer relationships, to growing target market segments.

Drawing on more than twenty successful company examples, Keltner shows you, step by step, how to build an authentic buyer journey that will generate more opportunities, higher account values, and faster segment growth. An essential handbook for CEOs, revenue leaders,  go-to-market team members and everyone in between, The Revenue Acceleration Playbook is your guide to building a high-growth organization, from the sales floor to the executive suite.


“In the hundreds of business books I’ve read, I’ve never seen a concept as simple and powerful as the playbook approach to revenue growth.”

The Revenue Acceleration Playbook is filled with practical strategies to have intelligent, authentic conversations with buyers. The result? Unprecedented sales growth.”

“Sales is way more than simply talking up your products. The Revenue Acceleration Playbook shows you how to lead from a customer-value perspective instead so you can scale your business.”


“The ideas in The Revenue Acceleration Playbook will change the mentality of your go-to-market team. Rather than ‘getting the product demo,’ the focus will be on making your buyers and customers more successful. That shift will unlock your team’s full growth potential.”

“Top producers need strong situational awareness. Playbooks break down each buyer interaction into digestible ‘plays’ that can be trained and reinforced. It is a powerful approach to sales acceleration.”


Brent Keltner PhD is President of Winalytics LLC and created Winalytics’ revenue acceleration and sales growth methodology. Winalytics works with growth-stage to enterprise customers in a range of industries, including the education, human capital, SaaS, business operations, retail and marketing communications sectors. Before starting Winalytics, Brent was a revenue leader in both early-stage and enterprise companies, where he successfully scaled growth. He began his career as a PhD social scientist and qualitative researcher at Stanford University and the RAND Corporation. He has published articles on go-to-market strategy in the Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, and The Financial Times.

ISBN 978-1-77458-101-8
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Published April 5, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 416 Pages
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