The Potentiator

How to Create Breakthroughs with Others in a Post-Pandemic World

Mike Lipkin

There is no higher accolade than being recognized as someone who enables others to perform at their best.

Every day we’re faced with a future that seems more daunting than the day before. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone in the face of such cataclysmic change.

That’s why we’re only as good as the Potentiators we purposefully place in our lives. They are the everyday superheroes whose superpower is to enable us to perform at our best. In turn, we need to intentionally play that role for other people. That’s how breakthroughs are created in a post-pandemic world. In this heart-stirring guide, Mike Lipkin shows you how to succeed at others’ success while you live your best life. Specifically, he introduces you to the Five Potentiator Practices that will multiply your impact and scale your results: Know Your Game. Build Robust Resilience. Grow Courageous Creativity. Communicate Like a Champion. And Cultivate Close Connections.

Through revealing case studies, research-backed insights, and powerful exercises, you’ll discover how to transform yourself into the Potentiator—to the enormous benefit of everyone around you. You won’t be derailed by distraction. You’ll be driven by the thrill of discovery. Now more than ever, the world needs you to unleash your superpower. Mike Lipkin shows you how.


“You might call this book the new ‘Vocabulary of Victory.’ Want to play at your best? Read at your best. And start with this book.”

“Leadership legacies are not just about winning the game. Leaders create legacies when they transform the game. We’re all in the business of creating breakthroughs with others. In this book, Mike Lipkin shows you a practical approach to turning fantasies into dreams, and dreams into legacies. I love it!”

“Mike Lipkin has been one of my Potentiators for many years. The practices outlined in The Potentiator will help me improve on the things that really matter. I had fun reading this book and encourage you to do the same!”


“Whether it’s on the page or on a stage, Mike Lipkin is always timely, relevant, provocative, insightful and inspiring. The Potentiator is a tactical and strategic roadmap to creating breakthroughs for yourself and for the people around you.”

“I’ve known Mike Lipkin for years and he is a smart, talented guy. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. This book is the roadmap to being bold, brave and successful!”


Mike Lipkin is President of Environics/Lipkin, a global research and motivation company based in Toronto. He is also an international strategic coach, guide and potentiator to leaders everywhere. His passion is creating breakthroughs with others by any means possible. He combines his personal experience of talking to over a million people in sixty-seven countries with rigorous research on extraordinary performance. Mike was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 2001, where he now lives with his wife, Hilary. This is his eighth book.

ISBN 978-1-7751225-3-1
$21.95 CAD $17.95 USD
Published November 23, 2021
5.5 × 8.5 256 Pages
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