The Leadership Contract

The Fine Print to Becoming an Accountable Leader

Dr. Vince Molinaro

Step up, get tough, and commit to your decision to lead

The Leadership Contract provides the manual that leaders around the world need to step up and make the decision to lead. This edition has been updated, featuring new insights to help you chart your own path to build strong leadership accountability at a personal and organizational level.

Great leadership doesn’t happen by accident, but it is the only differentiator between an organization’s success and failure, and it has been entrusted to you. In this inspiring book, Dr. Vince Molinaro—bestselling author, dynamic speaker, strategic advisor, and global executive—shows you how you can implement strategy while inspiring peak performance, nurturing top talent, managing complexity, creating value, conquering uncertainty, and yes, developing new leaders. The Leadership Contract provides a proven and practical framework used by companies and leaders around the world. Join them and take your leadership to the next level.


The Leadership Contract is a powerful book. We have had the good fortune to implement the principles and ideas in our organization. We have seen our leaders elevate their game, strengthen their character, and come together to drive the growth of our firm. If you need your leaders to step up, this book provides the formula for success.”

The Leadership Contract calls out the leadership crisis in today’s world and thoughtfully lays out the ingredients to address the issue in each of us. Leadership is about hard work, embracing personal accountability, and remembering always that it is about serving others. Vince Molinaro is both practical and aspirational in his book, as well as clear: if you are not ready to make a conscious choice to lead, then stand aside for those who will.”

“Vince Molinaro’s book throws down the gauntlet for leaders today. He asks them to make the commitment to principled leadership and to step up and be truly accountable. This is a timely and important book!”


“When leaders decide to step up and lead, they often feel energized by that decision. But what comes next? Vince Molinaro brings a practical approach and realistic advice to help leaders bring that commitment to life. The book helps you work through the critical decisions and actions to develop into a great and impactful leader.”

The Leadership Contract is focused, easy to understand, and thoughtful. It is an empowering approach to help every leader, regardless of the role they play in an organization, become more effective. Our global leadership team has begun learning how to put The Leadership Contract into action, and we are all seeing the results.”

“Vince Molinaro’s important book challenges leaders to become more deliberate and conscious in how they lead. This approach is desperately needed in our world today. It’s time for all leaders to decide to make their organizations truly great in a way that has a strong and positive impact on society.”


Vince Molinaro, PhD, is the New York Timesbestselling author, strategic leadership advisor, speaker, and global expert on leadership accountability.

As founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc. (LCI), Vince has worked with organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 in twenty-five countries and over eighty cities. He and his team equip leaders to navigate critical strategic leaps in their companies by scaling accountability and community.

He is the author of five books. His most recent books include Accountable Leaders and the revised version of The Leadership Contract. His books (translated into multiple languages) are the foundation of many leadership programs in companies around the world.

As a speaker, Vince brings a unique combination of provocative storytelling, research-based principles, grounded practicality, and the courage to tell it like it is. He was named by All American Speakers Bureau as one of the Top Business Speakers in 2023.

Vince and his teams have designed and delivered many award-winning leadership development programs. The Leadership Contract program is regarded as a top international training program by and has won several thought leadership awards.

Many leading business publications and podcasts regularly feature Vince’s research and ideas on leadership accountability. He shares his insights in his Gut Check for Leaders blog and on his Lead the Future video podcast. The Leadership Accountability Academy™ (on the Apple and Google App Stores) is LCI’s digital platform where leaders can take courses and learn how to be more accountable.

As a leader, Vince strives to practice what he preaches by setting the tone of accountability every day.

ISBN 978-1-77458-435-4
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Published September 26, 2023
5.5 × 8.5 336 Pages
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