The Leadership Contract Field Guide

The Personal Roadmap to Becoming a Truly Accountable Leader

Dr. Vince Molinaro

Commit to great leadership and implement it today

Reading is one thing, but new ideas cannot be useful until they are put into practice. If you read The Leadership Contract and are keen to implement its key teachings, The Leadership Contract Field Guide will provide a practical blueprint to move from conceptualizing great leadership into practicing great leadership—starting today.

Dr. Vince Molinaro—bestselling author, dynamic speaker, strategic advisor, and global executive—shows you how to identify the major tenets of great leadership, internalize them, and look around at your organization; what do you currently need most critically? Where is the clear deficit? What do your people most need right now to work to their full potential?

This guide summarizes what you learned in The Leadership Contract, and integrates that knowledge into real-world actions that make you more effective, while new discussion on accountability draws from research and case studies to give you fresh perspective and valuable insight. The result is a clear roadmap to high performance, and you’re standing on the starting line—are you ready to go?

Vince Molinaro, PhD, is the New York Timesbestselling author, strategic leadership advisor, speaker, and global expert on leadership accountability.

As founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc. (LCI), Vince has worked with organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 in twenty-five countries and over eighty cities. He and his team equip leaders to navigate critical strategic leaps in their companies by scaling accountability and community.

He is the author of five books. His most recent books include the revised versions of Accountable Leaders and The Leadership Contract. His books (translated into multiple languages) are the foundation of many leadership programs in companies around the world.

As a speaker, Vince brings a unique combination of provocative storytelling, research-based principles, grounded practicality, and the courage to tell it like it is. He was named by All American Speakers Bureau as one of the Top Business Speakers in 2023.

Vince and his teams have designed and delivered many award-winning leadership development programs. The Leadership Contract program is regarded as a top international training program by and has won several thought leadership awards.

Many leading business publications and podcasts regularly feature Vince’s research and ideas on leadership accountability. He shares his insights in his Gut Check for Leaders blog and on his Lead the Future video podcast. The Leadership Accountability Academy™ (on the Apple and Google App Stores) is LCI’s digital platform where leaders can take courses and learn how to be more accountable.

As a leader, Vince strives to practice what he preaches by setting the tone of accountability every day.

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Published October 17, 2023
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