Strategy to Action by Keita Demming book cover

Strategy to Action

Run Your Business Without It Running You

Keita Demming, PhD

Start making choices now that serve your desired future.

Today’s fast-paced and radically shifting business world means that many leaders, even those considered successful, are simply navigating urgent tasks with little to no strategy. In Strategy to Action, award-winning educator and coach Keita Demming of The Covenant Group, presents an innovative and deceptively simple tool to help business professionals unite their short-term tactics with their long-term goals.

Strategy to Action consists of four different interlinked mindsets: Future and Today’s Eagle, and Today’s and Future Wolf, each in conversation with the other. In the domain of the Eagle, you identify future long-term direction and clarify your short-term approach. In the domain of the Wolf, you learn to engage tactics that will help you serve your Eagle. As you learn to shift between the four mindsets of the Future and Today’s Eagle and your Today and Future Wolf you will be able to respond more effectively to the dynamic opportunities and challenges of the business environment.

Drawing from his work as a former academic turned educator and coach, as well as feedback from clients, Demming takes you through a series of simple questions, guidelines, and principles that will help you:

  • Take charge to invest in the changes that will help you realize your business vision
  • Align your short-term activity with your long-term objectives
  • Identify and build the systems, processes, and people you need to help you focus on the things that count the most
  • View your organization as a conversation rather than a machine
  • Avoid the myth of the lone wolf and find the pack that can execute your vision
  • Run your business without it running you!

An accessible and engaging read, Strategy to Action is a tool that will help you become a better businessperson, and a better person in business.


Strategy to Action is exactly that: a practical methodology that will turn your biggest ideas into real offerings in your business and life.”

Strategy to Action is a must-read for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and team leaders seeking to purposefully shape their plan for growth. Keita Demming’s Strategy Quadrant framework helps teams identify the tactics needed to start small and intentionally build to reach the long-term goal. Demming shows that what you do in the short term needs to serve your future, and making changes can take several years. Sometimes, the business must make a short-term sacrifice to achieve a considerably larger long-term result. Taking risks requires careful planning, and how to do it is laid out clearly in this book.”

“Keita Demming has written a wonderfully thoughtful and accessible book for all of us who are trying to make a real difference in the world.”


Strategy to Action is a concise and compelling manifesto for closing the gap between ideas and business results. This book provides tools and inspiration to help entrepreneurs and professionals clarify their business dreams and bring them to life!”

“Keita Demming integrates personal, strategic, and operational perspectives well. He provides us with thoughtful guidance so we can move beyond ideation to implementation. The book is focused, well-written, and uses examples that are vivid and powerful.”

“Are you ready to bridge the gap between strategy and tactics, shape your future, and make your business dreams a reality? If so, this book is your ultimate guide.”


Keita Demming is an award-winning educator and coach with a PhD in Adult Education and Workplace Learning who works to transform companies into places that are idea-driven and people-centred. At The Covenant Group, he designs training programs and coaches clients to meet their strategic goals and build their businesses. He is passionate about fostering community, and one of his proudest personal achievements is the community he helped grow around TEDxPortofSpain, one of the most successful TEDx events in the world. He lives in Toronto.

ISBN 978-1-77458-270-1
$21.95 CAD $17.95 USD
Published November 22, 2023
5.5 × 8.5 190 Pages
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