The Handbook for Finding and Telling Your Nonprofit's Most Impactful Stories

Kristin Sukraw

Within every non-profit are incredible stories waiting to be shared

How do you raise awareness and boost fundraising efforts for your non-profit’s mission and important work? You tell story after story of impact and hope.

Drawing on her years of experience as a therapist and executive producer at StoryFind Films, author Kristin Sukraw shares the exact method her award-winning team uses to help organizations find and tell stories that deeply connect with audiences—and inspire donors to act. Whether you’re telling a story through video, audio, or print, this book is for you.

Time and time again, Sukraw has witnessed the power of storytelling when it comes to raising awareness for both non-profits and purpose-driven for-profit organizations. A purposefully told story—whether in writing, audio, or video—has the power to create a human connection, communicating your non-profit’s mission in a memorable way.

Inside you’ll get the five-step StoryFind Process, a template for creating a Master Plan, a roadmap for finding storytellers, tools for organizing a story, masterful interview techniques and basic editing methodology, all guiding you to share the experiences that can change lives.

Whether you’re a founder or employee at a non-profit, StoryFind will give you the skills to craft your organization’s most compelling narratives to engage donors and drive support.


“A must-read for those seeking to touch hearts, stir minds, and change lives.”

“Kristin and the StoryFind Films team create authentic video stories that help organizations connect with people who want to learn more about their mission. Kristin’s book is a must-read for any non-profit looking to elevate their storytelling through video.”

“Kristin brilliantly breaks down the art of storytelling, providing clear guidance for all non-profits to tell stories that get results.”


“Full of wisdom, practical advice, and storytelling. A must-read for every non-profit.”

StoryFind is your non-profit’s road map to sharing transformative stories. Kristin’s expert guidance will show you how to find them and tell them, and how to take great care of each of your storytellers.”

“Warning: Reading this book may cause your organization to no longer be the ‘best kept secret.’ StoryFind is amazing. Not only does it show you how to find the right stories in your organization; it shows you how to capture them equitably. Get a copy for every staff member. And get a copy for each of your board members.”


Kristin Sukraw is a professional storyteller, executive producer at StoryFind Films, licensed mental health practitioner, and national speaker. She has worked with large international non-profits, small shops, and everything in between to bring their stories to life and help them accomplish their fundraising goals.

Kristin began her career as a mental health counselor but soon found herself immersed in the world of film production for non-profits. Through her work at StoryFind Films, she has worked with hundreds of individuals to give voice to their stories, all while helping non-profit organizations raise millions of dollars through storytelling. Kristin’s greatest passion is helping people find their voice and sharing their stories with the world.

When not on the road interviewing or speaking, Kristin lives in the great state of Nebraska with her husband and business partner, Mike, daughter, Izzy, and black fluffy cat, Lily.

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Published November 1, 2023
5.25 × 8 248 Pages
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