Rock Steady

Healing Vertigo or Tinnitus with Neuroplasticity

Joey Remenyi

Listen within. You are the expert in you.

Chronic vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus are invisible disruptions to a person’s life that can be unresponsive to traditional treatments, leaving sufferers feeling hopeless. Yet healing is possible using neuroplasticity, the brain and body’s capacity to change itself. So, why is nobody teaching us how to do it?

Vestibular audiologist and neuroplasticity therapist Joey Remenyi explains why holistic neuroplasticity is often overlooked; why nobody else can prescribe it for you; and why ignoring, denying, distracting, and avoiding symptoms may not work. Remenyi gives hope to the hopeless with her pioneering self-study approach to healing chronic symptoms that outlines how we can rebuild a new normal with methodical steps. Using client case studies and her own personal experience, Remenyi guides the reader to gently feel their way through healing—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Including home exercise ideas and a heart-centered approach to the science, Rock Steady is the handbook for anyone with chronic unwanted sensations or sounds in their body.


“Finally, a comprehensive and practical guide for anyone experiencing chronic dizziness and tinnitus. A must-read.”

“There is a gap in the traditional medical management model for people with persistent symptoms of vertigo and tinnitus, and that gap is filled with this practical and novel approach to recovery.”

Rock Steady is for everyone. It changed the way I think about healing and life. I now feel free.”

“Joey Remenyi combines clinical with practical information. Her book is vital for patients with dizziness, tinnitus, and all forms of vertigo, as well as for the providers that care for these patients. Remenyi synthesizes medical fact with emotional support and guidance in a manner that is unique. Rock Steady provides a source of information for both physicians and the patients they treat.”

Joey Remenyi is uniquely positioned to support and understand folks suffering with vertigo and tinnitus with her background in psychology, neuroscience, acceptance commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, a master of clinical vestibular audiology, and over twenty years of experience in yoga and the art of experiential neuroplasticity. Remenyi is the founder and director of Seeking Balance International and the creator of Rock Steady, a program that has transformed the lives of thousands of people suffering with persistent vertigo or tinnitus. Remenyi lives on Wadawurrung Country with her husband and son in Victoria, Australia.

ISBN 978-1-989603-85-7
$24.00 CAD $18.00 USD
Published November 12, 2020
6 × 9 308 Pages
Paperback, ebook