Pink Chaos book cover by Shayna Barksdale, LCSW

Pink Chaos

Navigating the Mother-Daughter Relationship with Your Tween

Shayna Barksdale, LCSW

An honest guide to cultivate connection and confidence with your tween.

Growing up today can feel like chaos. Everyone expects the teen years to be tough, but what about the years before? Pink Chaos is a guide for moms who are navigating the stormy waters of parenting daughters aged 9 to 12.

Having a strong mother/daughter relationship can help prevent serious mental health issues—including suicide, disordered eating, and self-harm—as girls move from tweens to teens. Shayna Feldman Barksdale shows how now is the time to put a foundation in place to support daughters to prevent mental health struggles in later years.

Kids are living in a world that’s totally foreign to their parents—Barksdale calls it “Girl World”— a place full of pressures and anxieties around school, parents, relationships, friends, social media, and global events as well as wonderful things moms probably couldn’t have even imagined (like greater representation around gender, body size, abilities, and more). Girl World is a lot, and tweens desperately want to receive attention, validation, and support from their moms.

With practical tools in each chapter, Pink Chaos teaches you how to validate your child’s feelings, show up with empathy, and engage in active listening that can benefit both moms and daughters. Including simple conversation scripts in girl-approved language, Pink Chaos is a vibrant, easy-to-digest book that moms can turn to again and again as they navigate life with their tween daughters.

SHAYNA BARKSDALE is the creator and owner of Austin Therapy for Girls. Though she has many credentials (LCSW-S, CDWF consultant, EMDR trained, EFFT certified), she is most proud of her work supporting families and children. She has worked with kids in the foster system and as a school social worker, and now in her own practice. Barksdale worked with Brené Brown to develop Bold, her curriculum for adolescents, and was one of twenty national trainers in her The Daring Way Certification. She lives in Austin, Texas.

ISBN 978-1-77458-464-4
$24.95 CAD $19.95 USD
Published September 24, 2024
5.5 × 8.5 224 Pages
paperback, ebook