Not Done Yet!

How Women Over 50 Regain Their Confidence & Claim Workplace Power

Bonnie Marcus

Despite advances made by women in the workplace, pay inequity and underrepresentation in top positions are still a reality. And, unfortunately, the situation looks worse for older women, who face what acclaimed author, podcast host, and sought-after coach Bonnie Marcus calls “the double whammy of gendered ageism.” As a woman over fifty, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do as you face down diminished responsibilities, decreasing visibility, and the looming specter of being “aged out.”

In this revelatory, inspiring, and savvy new book, Marcus is out to convince you that, in fact, you can do a whole lot. You can keep your job, advance your career, do the work you love and need to do—and defy all the ageist assumptions that suggest otherwise.

In Not Done Yet! the realities of aging in the workplace are not sugar-coated. Straight-talking and savvy, Marcus tells it like it is, and doing so, empowers you to navigate the challenges. You are a woman over fifty, and you deserve a seat at the table. You have a wealth of wisdom and experience to offer your workplace. It may feel like the odds are stacked against you, but Marcus is here to show you how you can overcome the challenges of gendered ageism. You are not done yet! It is up to you to prove it.


“This book spoke to me. I loved it. I have been on a journey to explore what we know about ourselves and our limitations. This has been and is my work. Not Done Yet! made me see that the feelings of being ‘powerless over my present and future’ are just ideas I’ve told myself. As an actress, the fear of never getting another job because of my age or the way that I look stood before me for so long, and after reading this book, I see that it is important that I always advocate for myself and for other women. Thank you, Bonnie! I too am a badass woman. I can’t wait to share this!”

Not Done Yet! offers a valuable road map for women over fifty. They can conquer ‘gendered ageism’ on the job while becoming their true, best selves. Like wine, such badass women will age to perfection.”

“In her inimitable sassy and straightforward way, Bonnie Marcus reminds readers that we should not and must not ‘go gentle into that good night.’ With humor, encouragement, and tangible tips, this book provides the impetus to take control of your life after fifty—regardless of what anyone else may have in mind for you. It’s a great read!”

“I loved this book! I know, and my mom knew, that anything is possible at any age. I’m constantly redefining my goals and I get caught up in fear. This book helped me to see that the conflicts are between me and myself. By thinking differently with optimism and hope, I can reframe my negativity into possibility and change. This book helped me see redefining my goals as a positive, and inspired me to lean into the change with badass passion.”


“Not only does Bonnie Marcus debunk myths about women’s abilities after turning fifty, but she also provides tips and tools to ensure that they live the second half of their lives with courage, daring, and determination!”

“My personal motto is ‘mid-career at sixty-five,’ so of course I’m a huge fan of Not Done Yet! Bonnie Marcus lays out the case for female confidence born of wisdom, experience, and the fierce desire to contribute. Her book is a guide to navigating a rich, joyous path through the second and maybe best part of working life.”


Award-winning entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, and executive coach Bonnie Marcus, MEd, assists professional women to successfully navigate the workplace and position and promote themselves to advance their careers; she has been honored by Global Gurus as one of the world’s top 30 coaches in 2015–2020. Her business background includes executive positions in start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Marcus shares her message globally through speaking engagements, blogging, and her podcast, Badass Women at Any Age. She is also the author of The Politics of Promotion.

ISBN 978-1-989603-78-9
$29.95 CAD $24.95 USD
Published March 9, 2021
6 × 9 240 Pages
Hardcover, ebook