No Shame

Real Talk with Your Kids about Sex, Self-Confidence, and Healthy Relationships

Dr. Lea Lis

Sex-positive parenting begins before your child starts talking. In No Shame, New York psychiatrist Dr. Lea Lis offers a guide to parents as they seek to help their children through the maze of sexuality and intimate relationships in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Lis covers the many issues that may arise as children grow: how to help young children understand personal physical boundaries; the importance of opposite-sex role models in children’s lives; what to tell—and not tell—your kids about your own sexual history; and the role of rituals to mark a girl’s first period or a boy’s passage into manhood. She gives practical pointers on how to help your kids when their relationships run into trouble, how to encourage them to have good relationships with themselves, and how to teach them to flirt and to deal with rejection.

In clear, straightforward terms, Dr. Lis, along with subject matter experts from Esther Perel to Diana Adams, shows how talking to your kids about sex and encouraging them to keep an open dialogue with you will help them have a positive, joy-filled emotional and sexual relationships as they grow up.


“Dr. Lis is an inspiration. Her book helps shine a light on so many topics that have been otherwise ignored, cloaked in silence, and masked with shame. My life’s work is centered on combatting public health epidemics by treating depression, and creating tools for suicide prevention. Dr. Lis and I share the same vision: that suffering is treatable and lives can be saved if we break down barriers of stigma, shame, and misunderstanding that have existed across generations. No Shame helps bring critical topics to the surface, normalizing issues that should have never been defined by shame. It will help kids learn to express their boundaries, and will instill sex-positive beliefs to foster resiliency. This is an indispensable guide to navigating the challenges of bringing up kids in today’s world.”

“Dr. Lea Lis’ brilliant book explains that when parents own their sexual story, it allows them to pass down intergenerational wisdom—not trauma. No Shame addresses the prevalent shame and fear around sexuality, and Dr. Lis’ fresh approach to communication with children on those awkward topics gives parents the tools they need to help their kids develop body positivity, self-esteem, and healthy romantic relationships.”

“Dr. Lea Lis provides parents with a field manual of evidence-based practices to help us discuss the dos and don’ts of relationships, intimacy, and sex with our kids. Drawing on her decades of work in the trenches as a clinician and her own experiences as a parent, the Shameless Psychiatrist has given us a treasure trove of tools and techniques that you will come back to again and again.”

“I wish I’d had a book like this that brought up vocabulary and ways to talk to your kids about self-confidence, boundaries, and healthy relationships when I was raising my kids.”


“Refreshingly contemporary, No Shame addresses how parents can help kids navigate conflicts and the challenges of growing up in the world of #MeToo and social media.”

“Dr. Lea Lis has written the modern guide on talking to kids about sex. Part parent, part sex therapist, and part coach, Dr. Lis addresses countless topics parents often shy away from simply because they’re uncomfortable; her guidance is both sound and sage, backed by science and written with tact and grace. No Shame helps us separate fact from fiction in healthy child sexual development.”

“Dr. Lea Lis offers parents many practical insights on when, why, and how to engage in open and developmentally appropriate conversations about sexuality. If the thought of talking with your child about sex makes you uncomfortable, this book is for you.”


Dr. Lea Lis is the Shameless Psychiatrist. She is a double board-certified adult and child psychiatrist, with her own private psychiatric practice in New York (Mindful Kid), where she has developed expertise in working with modern families of all types. She has appeared as an expert on parenting in programming by ABC, CBS, NBC, and other news outlets. She is active in the American Psychiatric Association, having served as a member of their National Ethics Committee and on the Board of Trustees, and her publications have appeared in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice and Academic Psychiatry.

ISBN 978-1-989603-35-2
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Published September 22, 2020
6 × 9 312 Pages
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