No Safe Harbor

The Inside Truth about Cybercrime—and How To Protect Your Business

Mark Sangster

Stories of massive data breaches litter the twenty-four-hour newsday headlines. Hackers and cybercrime syndicates are hitting a who’s who of banks, retailers, law firms, and health care organizations: companies with sophisticated security systems designed to stop crime before it starts. Not only that, they’re also attacking companies that thought they were too small to matter. So how do cybercriminals continue to breach the defenses of the big companies—and why do they go after the small ones? And, most importantly, how can companies of all sizes protect themselves?

Cybersecurity expert Mark Sangster deftly weaves together real-life cases in a thrilling narrative that illustrates the human complexities behind the scenes that can lead to companies throwing their digital front doors open to criminals. Within a security context, deep social engineering is the newest and biggest means of breaching our systems. Sangster shows readers that cybersecurity is not an IT problem to solve—it is a business risk to manage. Organizations need to shift the security discussion away from technology gates alone toward a focus on leadership, team behaviors, and mutual support. Sangster punctuates his eye-opening narratives with sets of questions businesspeople at all levels need to ask themselves, facts they need to know, and principles they need to follow to keep their companies secure.


“I can’t think of anyone better qualified to tell cybersecurity war stories than Mark Sangster. This book is a riveting read, filled with details that people don’t normally get to hear about.”

“Mark Sangster provides a real wake-up call to law firms and companies of all sizes, especially for those that think they are too small or inconsequential to be the target of cybercrime. He draws from his expertise and experience to break down the misconceptions of cybersecurity and uses real-life examples to demonstrate the myriad ways cybercriminals can attack. Likening cyber-viruses to the unprecedented global pandemic, No Safe Harbor explains that cybersecurity has to become part of strategic planning; we can no longer just react to security issues—we have to have a mindset of protection.”

“Mark Sangster has done an excellent job of turning ‘war stories’—the campfire tales we share with each other at the bar—into an entertaining and informative book. If you’re an executive concerned about protecting your organization from cybercrime, pick up this book; you don’t need to be knowledgeable in cybersecurity to get something valuable out of it.”

“A great read about real-life cybersecurity incidents from the man who was there, playing cat and mouse with the hackers—I have seen Mark Sangster in action. His book gets to the root causes of why there is no safe harbor for any of us. Each chapter lists practical cybersecurity steps we should all take—starting today!”


“Mark Sangster’s straightforward approach to storytelling and explaining by example helps clear the fog of cybersecurity to allow aspiring business leaders a better understanding of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities faced by their companies in today’s business environment—a world increasingly shaped of cybertheft, extortion, distraction, and destruction. Written in easy-to-understand language that anyone can grasp, and by analyzing the growing cybersecurity problem through the conceptual lens of businesspeople, Mark shares the successes and failures of others so that lessons can be learned and strategies and plans adjusted accordingly to avoid repeating the mistakes of recent history. No Safe Harbor is a must-read for any aspiring business leader.”

Mark Sangster brings to light the cyberattacks that never make the headlines. No Safe Harbor is a must-read for leaders developing tomorrow’s technology. Mark reverse engineers the risks facing today’s businesses to prevent our technical triumphs from becoming the cybercriminals’ gain.”

With the world experiencing an all-encompassing digital revolution that is reshaping seemingly every aspect of our business and personal lives, cybersecurity is more important than ever. No Safe Harbor is an engrossing journey into cybercrime that cleverly illustrates the chaos underneath the shiny facade of the modern Internet.”

Manufacturers of all sizes are under constant threat from cybercriminals—yet most don’t recognize that they are a target. Mark Sangster is a singularity in our sector, working tirelessly to rectify this dangerous misconception. He cuts through the technobabble and speaks directly to business leaders in their own language, providing them with clear tools and strategies they can use to protect their organizations and their supply chains.”

Mark Sangster’s advice could not have arrived at a more propitious moment, as the work paradigm changes to remote information systems access as a default rather than an exception. No Safe Harbor reads like a collection of short stories, all revolving around a central theme: cybersecurity is a business risk and a people challenge; the approach to those people should be made, as Mark does so well, by appeals to common sense and should be documented in easy-to-understand frameworks. This book is essential reading for senior management and corporate directors.

Through frontline examples, Mark Sangster illuminates the fatal flaw in today’s cyber-defense architecture—as long as business leaders and technical experts continue to speak at cross-purposes, efforts expended to get ahead of cybercriminals remain futile.”

No Safe Harbor is a must-read for the twenty-first-century business professional. Cybercriminals’ tactics have become increasingly sophisticated, and protecting a firm’s digital assets is now every stakeholder’s responsibility, not just IT’s. In this book, Mark Sangster provides a concise, practical, and insightful guide into the motivations and practices of today’s digital malefactors. The stories he shares are true, and will open the reader’s eyes as to what to expect. Cyber-threats are real, and this book offers solid advice on how to protect your company while remaining competitive.”

As the practice of law grows evermore multifaceted and interdisciplinary, educating the legal profession about the opportunities, challenges, and nuances of technology becomes increasingly crucial. Through vivid and engaging anecdotes and sharp insights into the realities of professional practice, Mark Sangster’s No Safe Harbor makes cybersecurity accessible and engaging, and provides valuable perspectives for lawyers at all stages of their careers.”

Cybersecurity budgets have never been higher, so why do major brands with deep pockets continue to regularly experience major breaches that shut down their operations, while the impact of cybercrime on the global economy grows north of 1 percent of GDP per annum? In a world with an increasing use of rhetoric around absolutes and finger-pointing, No Safe Harbor offers a unique and refreshing insight into the multidimensional nature of modern cybersecurity with a foundational thesis that a culture of risk mitigation and continuous improvement are central to defensive strategies. Blending real-world examples with practical guidance, this book is highly relevant to executives and business leaders.”


Mark Sangster is a cybersecurity evangelist and an award-winning speaker at international conferences and prestigious stages such as the Harvard Law School. Sangster is currently vice president and industry security strategist at cybersecurity provider eSentire. His thought-provoking perspective on shifting risk trends has influenced industry thought leaders, and he is a go-to subject matter expert for top media outlets covering major data breaches. Sangster’s twenty-five-year career was established with industry giants like Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, and BlackBerry, where he worked on the first secure devices for government agencies.

ISBN 978-1-989603-42-0
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Published October 27, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 192 Pages
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