Move the Room

Seven Secrets of Extraordinary Speakers

Trevor Currie

Powerful speaking is a force multiplier. When you combine high-calibre speaking with any other skill, the multiplying force of the impact you can have is profound. That impact can not only help you close a deal, galvanize a team, or shift how you’re perceived, it can be the catalyst that helps put your dent in the universe. Presentation coach and Podium Consulting founder Trevor Currie calls it “moving the room.”

Move the Room is a practical playbook of approaches you can apply instantly to elevate and amplify your speaking. Beyond just theory, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare, frame, and deliver engaging communication that transforms functional talking points into unforgettable storytelling
  • Effectively integrate compelling visuals into your presentation
  • Master your nerves before and during a presentation
  • Respond to tough post-presentation questions from your audience

These are real-world best practices and actionable methods designed to amplify your speaking power and put you in demand.

Woven into these techniques are insights gleaned from Currie’s analysis of 100 of the most watched TED talks, as well as his own personal observations and examples, extracted from almost twenty-five years of preparing national and global leaders for career-defining keynotes and presentations. 

Move the Room breaks new ground for professionals wanting to strengthen their leadership impact. If you want to compound your success and confidence, Move the Room just became your next must-read book.



“This book will transform the way you deliver a speech, close a deal, or motivate your team. Even the most seasoned and effective public speakers will find something new and useful in Trevor Currie’s insightful book.”

Move the Room is an extraordinarily practical book for speakers who want to persuade or motivate in settings large or small. It is based on acute observation of both speakers and audiences that has been translated into practical advice that anyone can use.”

“I’ve watched Trevor Currie turn the most timid speakers into extraordinary presenters. This book breaks down the how-to, but not with a series of gimmicks or tricks. It is a systemic analysis of great presenters and presentations—an incredible gift to all who aspire to master speaking to groups of people large and small.”


Move the Room combines practical insights and real-life examples to illustrate how speaking opportunities can become force multipliers that propel you to accomplish more. Trevor Currie blends wit and wisdom to show how effective speaking is at the center of so many leaders’ success.”

“Trevor Currie captures lightning in a bottle with his latest book, Move the Room, which delivers smart, practical approaches and insights essential for delivering powerful and unforgettable keynotes, confidently closing a deal, or simply inspiring your team.”

“Drawing on years of presentation consulting and in-depth analysis of many of the world’s most famous speakers, Trevor Currie teaches even the most unsure speakers how to own the stage. A must-read for aspiring and seasoned professionals.”



Trevor Currieis the founder of Podium Consulting. He has worked with CEOs, board chairs, and business leaders to help them become extraordinary communicators and deliver reputation-defining presentations and winning pitches.

Trevor is a graduate of Western University’s Ivey Business School. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Clara, and their two kids.

ISBN 978-1-77458-137-7
$21.95 CAD $17.95 USD
Published October 18, 2021
5.5 × 8.5 216 Pages
Paperback, ebook