I See You

A Guide for Women to Make More, Have More, and Be More—Without More Work

Amy Kemp

Increase your influence, impact, and income without destroying yourself

Are you giving your all every day only to be left feeling like you’re falling short at work and at home? Are you committed to growing your influence, impact, and income but unsure how to achieve more without sacrificing yourself in the process? CEO and business coach Amy Kemp has been there. She knows what it’s like to want more professionally while simultaneously feeling like there is no more time or energy left to give. And she has answers.

In I See You, Amy draws on her twenty years of experience growing her own successful business, as well as what she’s learned from coaching thousands of women, to give you the tools you need to increase your level of success while working fewer hours. You will learn how to set clear boundaries, how to leverage your natural genius to increase your income, and how to redistribute the enormous quantity of unpaid work you do at home to free up your energy and time.

Written in an intimate style with relatable stories and end-of-chapter exercises that will have you digging deep into each concept, this guide feels like a one-on-one coaching session with Amy. And while the idea of working less to achieve more may seem unconventional, if you bravely work through the book, making small daily changes and trusting the process, you will rediscover the best and most successful version of yourself personally and professionally.


I See You will deeply impact any woman who may be exhausted yet still yearns for more. Amy Kemp deftly teaches us that by thinking differently, we can create a tremendous amount of success and wealth without struggle or strain. This book is
truly a game changer.”

I See You grounds professional guidance in a deep understanding of what it feels like to be in our big, beautiful, and sometimes messy and stressful lives. Amy Kemp delivers just the right balance of advice and encouragement, helping us to not only love the life we are in, but to accomplish our wildest dreams.”

“In I See You, Amy Kemp uncovers the resistance you face in constructing support structures and gives you the fix. You’re about to conquer the trap of poor thinking habits and start seeing the results you deserve.”


“Amy Kemp has cracked the code for hard-working, family-focused leaders who haven’t yet achieved the results they want and deserve. In I See You, she illuminates the thought habits that keep us from our dreams and offers simple yet powerful thinking shifts to create the life we want.”

“Every once in a while we get the opportunity to read one of those books—one in which the author masterfully and authentically lets you in their world, one in which the author shares real-life experiences and wisdom so badly needed today by powerful yet often confused women. I have four daughters. Each one is receiving a copy of this book.”

I See You is more than a book of quick-fix strategies that you’ve read a hundred times; it’s a guide to real, lasting life-change for women. After reading it, I believe more than ever that we don’t have to work more to get what we want.”


Amy Kemp is a successful entrepreneur and certified business coach with over twenty years of experience investing in people. As the owner and CEO of Amy Kemp, Inc., she coaches her clients in both one-on-one and small group engagements, and teaches in a variety of online webinars and in-person events each year. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, Ryan, and their three children. You can learn more about her work at amykemp.com.

ISBN 978-1-77458-442-2
25.95 CAD 21.95 USD
Published February 29, 2024
5.5 × 8.5 262 Pages
Paperback, ebook, audiobook