Happen to Your Career

An Unconventional Approach to Career Change and Meaningful Work

Scott Anthony Barlow

There’s only one thing standing in the way of your ideal career: You.

This book is for you if you want to do meaningful work that pays well. If you want to make a big career change without going back to school or taking a step down. If you’ve often wondered if there could be more out there for you. Spoiler alert: there is!

Career coach, podcast host, and CEO Scott Anthony Barlow shows you that it really is possible to find your way to a career that feeds you and fulfills you; one in which you get to use the talents, strengths, and skills you already possess to get just as much back out of it as you put in.

Drawing from his years of studying Happy High Achievers—high performers who are fulfilled in their careers—Barlow delivers a series of real-life case studies and insights to help you join their ranks. You’ll learn how a lawyer who’d spent a decade trying to remove himself from law successfully transitioned to content strategy. How an engineer made a career change upwards instead of laterally while moving cities, jobs and industries. And many more.

Along the way, you’ll learn about the Four Major Milestones that all happy high achievers cross, and the Five Obstacles to Change that each needs to overcome. You’ll see that it is possible to have a career you’re enamored with—one that is good for you, your family, your bank account, and even your long-term health. And not only is this possible. It’s critical. Because the world of work is undergoing a transformation. And it’s led by people like you.


Happen to Your Career helps you to identify the ways you can move from a good life to a great life. You are not a product of your circumstances; you are a product of your decisions. Enjoy!”

Happen to Your Career is a road-tested map for moving from burned-out, fed-up mess to a delightfully ‘Happy High Achiever.’ Scott Barlow outlines the exact steps to build a bridge toward a more meaningful career full of curiosity and unconventional experiments, one that enlivens you and everyone whose lives you touch.”

“Scott Barlow’s message has always been clear: don’t settle. Happen to Your Career reveals what makes work meaningful and inspires you with the stories of those who have found career happiness. Use these insights to create the work life you’ve been dreaming about.”


Happen to Your Career is a thought-provoking guide that allows you to take tangible actions to change your career from burnout to amazing.”

Happen to Your Career is a gem. It’s my go-to resource for potential career changers. Scott Barlow clearly draws from a rich well of real-life experience from real people. The book is packed with riveting stories, clear examples, thought-provoking questions, insightful distinctions, and practical suggestions.”


Scott Anthony Barlow wants you to find work you freakin’ love! He is CEO of Happen To Your Career and host of the HTYC podcast, which has been listened to over 3 million times across 159 countries, and is the largest career change podcast in the world. As a former HR Leader, Scott has interviewed over 2000 people for jobs and completely rejects the way that most organizations choose to do work. He’s a nerd for self development, human behavior, and ice hockey. Scott lives in Washington state with his wife and three kids.

ISBN 979-8-9854912-0-3
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Published October 18, 2022
5.5 × 8.5 194 Pages
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