Creative Together by Steven Kowalski

Creative Together

Sparking Innovation in the New World of Work

Steven Kowalski

To innovate, we need to get creative. Together.

In our era of rapid change and technological disruption, we’re being called on to innovate like never before. The trouble is, simply demanding or encouraging innovation and collaboration doesn’t work. Innovation doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of one of the most powerful and sustainable forces available to us: creativity.

If you want innovation, you must activate creativity. And in the new world of work, going it alone won’t work any longer. We have to get creative together. Drawing on his decades of experience as a coach, consultant, and organizational development expert, conscious creativity authority Steven Kowalski leads you on a three-part journey to reclaim your creativity and co-create with others.

First, you will rewrite the story of who you are as a creator. Then, you will learn to adventure together with others—bringing your whole, creative self into a new way of working together. With stories drawn from real, lived experiences, research-backed insights, and powerful questions that will open you to new possibilities, you’ll master Kowalski’s GIFTED methodology to unlock your creativity and tackle the biggest threat to conscious creativity—Creative Disruption Disorder.

Despite what you may think, you have what it takes to embrace the new story, take accountability for your creative power, and create together within a world in flux. Once you claim your potential, there’s no turning back. By participating in your life with conscious creativity, you will transform the landscape of your future. You will become anew, with a deep faith in your resilience and resourcefulness, and a future full of possibility for yourself—and for the companies, organizations, and causes whose mission you share.


“Steven Kowalski has unpacked and elucidated a fascinating and thorough exploration of perspectives and practices on the subtleties of how we really get things done and how we could potentially do that better. This is a must-read for anyone curious about elegant productivity.”

“Steven Kowalski shares a deeply insightful and step-by-step approach for anyone driving change and transformation inside large organizations. Learn how to become a beacon for unlocking enterprise value while staying true to the story in your heart, and that what you see and know is truly possible.”

Creative Together by Steven Kowalski lays a good foundation for developing your own creativity and that of the organizations you lead. I especially value the lesson that creativity is inherent in all, and that it requires a walk together into the unknown.”


“If you’ve ever doubted your own creativity or longed to have the creative juice you see in others, then this book will be a life-changer. Steven Kowalski will absolutely show you how to rethink the view that you’re either creative or you’re not, and you’ll come away rethinking your own potential for creativity.”

“In this remarkable book, Steven Kowalski takes us on an adventure, showing us what it means to bring your whole, creative self into new ways of working together. This is required reading for all seeking to heal the fragmentation in our society at this moment in time.”

“Steven Kowalski has written a refreshingly creative book about creativity! Engaging, insightful, and most of all practical, Creative Together will ignite the creative potential in all of us. A perfect book for times like these!”


STEVEN KOWALSKI, PhD, is a leading voice in the global movement for conscious creativity with  more than twenty-five years of experience as an organizational development expert. Through his firm, Creative License™ Consulting Services, he works with clients to shape organizational cultures and reinvigorate how teams co-create new value. As a coach, speaker, and consultant-partner, he facilitates the creativity of scientists, engineers, business leaders, and professionals across industries. Steven holds a PhD in adult learning and organizational creativity from UCLA and is the author of more than one hundred workplace learning programs.

ISBN 978-1-77458-162-9
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Published May 3, 2022
6 × 9 298 Pages
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