Big-Hearted Entrepreneur by Suzi Hunn book cover

Big-Hearted Entrepreneur

Own Your Worth and Amplify a Mission That Matters

Suzi Hunn

You can run a business without sacrificing your soul.

In a world that tells us we must be callous to get ahead in business, big-hearted entrepreneurs are finding new ways to challenge the status quo. Too often, our thinking is guided by old rules of success: work should feel hard, business is extractive, it’s mission or money, soft skills are not valuable. But these old rules are meant to be broken.

In Big-Hearted Entrepreneur, education designer and consultant Suzi Hunn charts out a new path for mission-driven leaders—one in which self-worth, uniqueness, and community well-being take center stage. Through reflection questions, journal prompts, and action items, you will explore:

  • Simple steps for identifying and strengthening your unique mission
  • How to invest your time, energy, and talent with love
  • The mindset you need to embrace your power
  • Why cultivating warm connections beats “putting yourself out there”
  • Practical tactics to amplify your mission through meaningful dialogue

Featuring stories from Hunn’s experiences as an employee at a large cultural institution and as a big-hearted changemaker, along with words of wisdom from other entrepreneurs making a difference in the world, Big-Hearted Entrepreneur is a practical guide and an essential read for anyone who wants to do good and live well.


“If your heartfelt desire is to build a more human economy, driven by a sacred purpose, it’s time to embrace Suzi Hunn’s poignant message. In Big-Hearted Entrepreneur you’ll find strategies to speak up, cultivate community, and send your stories into the world. As you tend the fire of resilience glowing within you, let Hunn’s encouragement bring a candle of light.”

“Mission-centered entrepreneurs don’t have to make a choice between being kind paupers or cold-blooded mercenaries. Big-Hearted Entrepreneur shows the way to purpose plus profit. With a clear drive to educate entrepreneurs on owning their worth, Suzi Hunn provides a refreshing, practical guide for newbies and veterans alike.”

Big-Hearted Entrepreneur is essential reading for those of us who are interested in changing the world… the radical changemakers, the passionate disrupters, those committed to making a joyful ruckus. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely venture of bringing forth your greatest gifts, but Suzi Hunn’s book is a reminder that we are never in this work alone, and with her guidance and wisdom we can find our way to a more successful, whole, and connected version of ourselves and work.”


“For those transitioning from careers to entrepreneurship, this book is a must-have. Suzi Hunn’s insights go beyond stories as she introduces reflections, application ideas, and actionable prompts, motivating readers to innovate and actualize their visions.”

“As an author and creative entrepreneur, Suzi Hunn puts forth thought leadership and positive practices that soothe my soul and move me to action—but without the pressure of the grind culture and without my doubting my own abilities. Combining info on money, mission, and mindset, Big-Hearted Entrepreneur is the book to get you where you want to go—in business and in life.”


Suzi Hunn is the founder of Teach Your Thing, a company that helps purpose-driven businesses amplify their impact. Her specialty is helping changemakers package their methodology into transformative education content and experiences. For more than twenty years, Hunn has developed learning tools for social enterprises, cultural institutions, and corporate groups. As an educator at the Minnesota Historical Society, her largest project was coordinating the second edition of Northern Lights, a history curriculum used by 70,000 sixth graders in every county of the state. She lives in Minnesota with her partner and adorable golden retriever.

ISBN 978-1-77458-333-3
$21.95 CAD $17.95 USD
Published November 15, 2023
5.25 × 8 246 Pages
paperback, ebook