5 tips for influencer outreach

Jan 21, 2020
Guest Post by Sam Thiara
author of Lost and Found


You have written your book, and now you want to stand on the top of the mountain and tell the world. The challenge is, the mountain you stand on might only be a hill, and it is difficult for others to hear you. What you really need are heavy hitters—people with clout who will appreciate what you wrote and who share it with their audiences.

When I wrote Lost and Found, I was able to get prominent singer-songwriter Bif Naked and well-respected philanthropist John Wood, founder of Room to Read, to endorse my book. And at publication, I was also able to get a photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding my book. I didn’t know or have any personal connections to these people initially.

So, how did I do it? If you are not comfortable networking, here are some practical tips that worked for me, and helped to get my book noticed.

1. Research your influencers. Ask yourself, who aligns with what I’m writing? Make a list of people you think would connect to your book’s message. Do not limit yourself by excluding celebrities or feeling daunted by someone’s profile. At the same time, don’t randomly send out requests. Hone in on the concept of your book, and seek out individuals with whom it might resonate.

2. Build your platform. Long before you publish your book, start building your social presence. That means engaging in social media, liking posts by others, gaining followers, and building momentum. Take note of anyone you might want to approach for support later on, and be sure to engage with their content so that your name is on their radar. Be genuine in your approach. This is not the time to be asking for an endorsement, but rather to start building a connection. I liked stuff that Bif Naked was posting, and commented where appropriate. Eventually, she replied to me. After she read my book, she fell in love with the story, and she has become a great ambassador for me. As a result, I now have a couple of her connections also championing my book.


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3. Start early. It takes effort and time to build relationships. It’s never too soon to start making a list of influencers and organizations that might appreciate your book. Tap into your network—you never know who might have connections to influencers.

4. Be persistent. Keep pushing that boulder up the hill. Authentically bring your book up in conversations in person and on social media. It might take multiple attempts through different connections to reach an influencer, but it may just catch someone’s eye at the right time.

5. Don’t stop after it’s published. Continue reaching out to people who are in your circle and who connect to the story. Don’t be shy about asking—you never know what connections people may have. It turns out that a former student of mine now works in government, and was able to get  my book into the hands of our prime minister!

Remember: you have something valuable to give to the world! Be courageous and authentic, and take the time to share it far and wide.

Sam Thiara is a storyteller, writer, speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, educator, and entrepreneur. You can follow him on Twitter @Sam_Thiara, on Instagram @samthiara, and on his website at sam-thiara.com.