Welcoming project manager Elana Dublanko

Mar 31, 2021

Give a warm welcome to Page Two’s new project manager, Elana Dublanko, who is joining us on a 13-month maternity leave replacement contract!

Elana is a dedicated, communication-oriented publishing professional with a diploma in publishing from Centennial College and a bachelor of English and history from the University of Victoria. Before coming to Page Two, she lent her expertise to the teams at Scholastic Canada and Hartley and Marks.

As a project manager, she will work closely with our authors to help them achieve their goals, provide guidance on their publishing strategies, and of course, produce beautiful books. We’re thrilled to welcome Elana to the team. Read on to learn more about her and her position at Page Two.

What are you most excited to tackle in your new role as project manager?
I love how Page Two is a client-centred business. I am looking forward to building meaningful relationships with clients, freelancers, colleagues, and everyone involved in the projects. I love connecting with people and working together to achieve a goal, which is why I am very excited to be a project manager at Page Two.

When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you?
Out of town! I love to travel: anything from a local weekend away to a big international trip is my favourite thing to do. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, and learning about the history of a new place.

What never fails to make you laugh?
I love cats, and I think they are inherently funny—I don’t even need to see a “funny” cat video to make me laugh; just observing cats’ behaviours is endlessly amusing to me.