Chris Brandt now full-time at Page Two

Nov 9, 2020

Not many marketers can say that they’ve spent client meetings waxing rhapsodic about the music of David Lee Roth. But then again, Chris Brandt isn’t just any marketer. 

Before coming to Page Two, Chris worked extensively in the music industry, holding roles like executive director at Music Heals, a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing access to music therapy, and community manager at the Awesome Music Project (which is how he initially became aware of Page Two).

“I learned during my years as the executive director of a charity, constantly fundraising, that at the end of the day we are selling a story,” Chris says. “I really enjoy working with our authors to develop and market their story, the story of their book, and the story of their overall business.”

He still teaches courses in the music business program at BCIT, and sees a lot of overlap between the music marketing and book marketing worlds.

“But I’m getting better at not referring to books as albums,” he laughs. 

Chris started at Page Two in November 2019 as a social media contractor. His marketing savvy quickly became apparent to the rest of the team, however, and he soon began lending his expertise to things like launch events and website and social media development for authors. In August 2020, he was officially brought on in a full-time capacity as a marketing strategist. 

Now, he works closely with authors to build tailored  marketing plans and support them throughout the publishing process. 

“I love watching authors come out of their shell and helping them find their voice,” Chris says. “Our authors are also subject matter experts with many different interests, which leads to interesting conversations. Phil Buckley and I talk about Van Halen, Lee LeFever and I talk about crabbing, and David Ash inspired me to a buy a house on BC’s Sunshine Coast.”

Aside from guiding our authors’ books into the world, Chris says his favorite part of working at Page Two is the warm sense of community.

“I wasn’t just looking for a job, I was looking for a homeand I found that at Page Two,” he explains. “Working at a company that’s run by two womenparticularly two moms—is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The level of support that Jesse and Trena give their employees is incredible.”

Chris’s blend of talents, combined with his razor-sharp sense of humor and strategic brain, make him a natural fit for Page Two’s marketing team. We couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate his full-time role. Congratulations, Chris!