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Mary Trentadue Joins Page Two

We’re thrilled to announce that book industry veteran Mary Trentadue has joined Page Two to support several key company initiatives, including business development and building special sales programs. As a publisher, we’re fortunate to bring in someone with many years of book retail experience, and particularly Mary, who is well respected in the publishing industry as well as in the community at large. 

Reinventing Our Organizations and Ourselves in This Algorithmic Age

“Great companies are built on culture. Mike Walsh’s prescient vision of the algorithmic company of the future is no robot army of soulless analytics dashboards, but a living, breathing organism—a community of humans who respond to motivation beyond compensation; purpose and impact; decision-making and autonomy; location and collaboration.

Designing A World-Class Employee Experience that Inspires and Engages

“Dana Wright-Wasson provides a much-needed assessment of what it takes to create an engaged team, culture, and organization. She also provides the necessary frameworks, ideas, and resources for readers to get started today building an energized, purposeful, and aligned corporate culture where people can’t wait to come to work.”—Denise Brosseau, CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, author of Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

Networking is Not Just About the Dreaded Mixer or Cocktail Parties

“In the new economy, it’s not who knows you, it’s who trusts you. When in doubt, don’t forget Michelle’s Law #10.”—Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

Congratulations to Page Two author, Michelle Tillis Lederman on the successful launch of her latest book—The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact —which has already hit #1 in career guides, #1 in personal success and #17 in non-fiction in its first week!

Rebelling Creatively with John S. Couch, VP of Product Design at Hulu

We’re excited to share that we are working with our new client John S. Couch—writer, artist, and the vice president of product design at Hulu—on his upcoming book, The Art of Creative Rebellion.

Building Irresistible Brands with Gair Maxwell

We are thrilled to share that we are working with Gair Maxwell, highly sought-after international keynote speaker and brand strategist who delivers approximately ninety presentations each year on building irresistible, legendary brands.

The newest face of Page Two

Kicking off 2019 with a bang, we are pleased to announce that the fabulous Lorraine Toor has assumed the role of Director of Sales and Distribution. Lorraine joined us last year in a part-time capacity and quickly became indispensable to all of us at Page Two — not only because of how ably she manages our multifaceted print, ebook, and audiobook distribution programs, but also because of her strategic mind, quick wit, and magic ability to wrestle any online sales platform into submission.

Anxiety Coach and Advocate: Julian Brass

We’re pleased to share the news that we’re working with anxiety advocate and certified health coach Julian Brass on his forthcoming book Own Your Anxiety. Julian has learned how to leverage his own anxiety to live a joyful life and now helps people all over the world own their anxiety and redirect this disruptive emotion into positive action.

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward to Next Year

This year disappeared in a whirlwind of great new books, new team members, and a lot of learning around Page Two. Looking back on 2017 to write this post, we find it hard to believe how much change happened for us this year.

Welcoming Our New Client, Corporate Comedian John Garrett!

We’re excited to announce that we’re working with corporate comedian, John Garrett, on his debut publication—What’s Your And? Overcome Professionalism to Have a Bigger Impact.

After spending over a decade in corporate finance as a CPA, a senior financial analyst, and most recently as a business development director, Garrett, a self-proclaimed “recovering Big Four CPA,” changed gears and became a keynote speaker and corporate comedian and emcee—to great success.

Welcoming Our New Client, Service Excellence Expert Mark Colgate!

We are thrilled to announce that we’re working with customer service excellence expert Mark Colgate on his new book, Cracking the Code of Service: How to Elevate Your Employees and Customers Through World-Class Service.

Advance Praise: Why You Want It & How to Get Endorsements for Your Book

We’ve all seen them: ringing endorsements from famous people (and those we’ve never heard of, but who are likely famous in some circle we should know about) lining the front and back covers of books, sometimes even filling the first few pages.