What Young Children Need You to Know

How to See Them So You Know What to Do for Them

Bridgett Miller

Daily insights to support your conscious parenting journey

Are you the parent of a young child, and tired, possibly frustrated, and even doubting yourself—or them? What makes young children do the things they do? Will they ever grow out of it?

Using your head and your heart, you can become the parent you long to be. This parenting companion, based on developmental science and delivered with compassion, brings you fifty-five urgent insights into your child’s behavior, emotions, and needs, from teacher, remedial therapist, and parent consultant Bridgett Miller. You’ll discover the power to shift your perspective, better understand your children, and, most importantly, deepen your connection with them.


“Bridgett Miller is a revolutionary guide for parents. She has the incredible ability to deliver the tools that parents need to build loving relationships with their children. Using practical strategies and relatable language, Miller shows parents how to help their children reach their potential while keeping their own inherent joy and peace intact. Our children will be more content and capable as a result of us taking in the wisdom of What Young Children Need You to Know—and so will we.”

“This engaging book is a wonderful series of gentle, compassionate reminders of the role we play in our children’s lives. Bridgett Miller shows us how much a touch of perspective can help in guiding our path as parents. She aptly fleshes out how seeing our children correctly leads us to becoming the parents our children need.”

“I love this book! It’s so beautiful and accessible. This book is a treasure for all who love and care for children. The affirmations and practical suggestions will enrich anyone who wants to better understand how to support children’s emotional health and well-being. You will want to read it over and over, as each chapter will resonate in new ways as you raise your child. A gentle and compassionate parenting guide.”

“I’ve trusted Bridgett Miller’s advice for years. This refreshingly honest and empowering book is a beautiful culmination of her important work. She’s addressed every issue I can think of when raising young children, and her book will equip parents with wisdom, understanding, and the means for loving guidance. I’m convinced that, with this book in hand, parents can confidently raise emotionally healthy, happy, and secure children.”


“Brimming with actionable steps, positive affirmations, and relatable anecdotes, Bridgett Miller’s What Young Children Need You to Know is a concise and practical guide to getting to know your children’s inner world.”

“A well-written, thought-provoking, and inspiring book of affirmations backed up by science, research, and Bridgett Miller’s personal experience. Highly recommended.”

“An actionable guide to letting go of our fears and seeing children through a new lens, which allows us to get curious about behavior instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.”

“A realistic, heart-centered understanding of children and their physical and emotional needs. This book reminds us to trust the goodness of children, to trust ourselves as parents, and to trust the human heart.”

“Bridgett Miller’s tone will soothe beleaguered moms and dads while reassuring them that they (and their children) are doing just fine. If there’s any doubt, the brilliant know-how inside will guide the way.”

“Bridgett Miller’s book dances the reader right into the hearts and minds of children. I will be recommending this book to all of my clients!”

“Keep this book on hand for those times when you either need a perspective shift and/or have a rare spare few minutes! Read a short chapter as bedtime reading, and let Bridgett Miller change how you see your child, so you can help them flourish.”



Bridgett Miller is a preschool and elementary teacher, remedial therapist, presenter, and parent consultant. She is an authorized facilitator of the Neufeld Institute and the creator of the popular Look with Love and Parenting with Intention conscious parenting pages on Facebook and Instagram. Bridgett combines almost two decades of personal experience as a teacher and parent to support adults to nurture the children in their lives using their heads and their hearts. Born and raised in South Africa, she now resides with her husband and two daughters in Greater Vancouver, Canada. www.bridgettmiller.com

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Published May 4, 2020
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