The Reinventionist Mindset

Learning to Love Change, and the Human How of Doing It Brilliantly

Joe Jackman

How do you thrive in the era of disruption? Reinvent.

Change is everywhere and coming for us fast. This isn’t breaking news. Yet despite knowing this—seeing the impact on our businesses and livelihoods—our human instinct is to resist. Instead of choosing change, we choose the status quo and ride it off a cliff.

It needn’t be this way. What if we could see change as good? In The Reinventionist Mindset, business transformation expert Joe Jackman repositions change as a force to be embraced. Raised in a time of civil disruption—himself transformed from designer to executive and ultimately Reinventionist—Jackman has catalyzed some of the most remarkable transformations of the twenty-first century. In this book, he gives readers the rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn the human how of kick-starting growth and relevance: Dave & Busters, from down and nearly out to spectacular IPO; the surprising reinvention of a New York institution, what Bloomberg Businessweek called “Duane Reade’s Miracle Makeover”; Flow Water, a bold new take on a tired category; and the exciting reemergence of Staples. Jackman reveals the secret sauce of successful reinventions alongside analyses of transformations that failed.

The Reinventionist Mindset is a unique, human-centric approach to transformation, a how-to for those on a journey to their most powerful—and keenly aware the time to move is now.


“A road map for anyone interested in how to stave off obsolescence or become the next big brand. The Reinventionist Mindset is a gift to entrepreneurs and executives alike.”

“Joe Jackman stands alone amongst the giants of his craft. This is an indispensable resource for today’s leaders in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.”

“Joe Jackman and his approach are a CEO’s secret weapon. He eloquently captures the lessons from his life’s work—an invaluable aid to those in pursuit of redefining and growing their business.”

“Joe Jackman has this unique ability to uncover where to go and why, then get everyone on the same page and moving forward together.”

“The Jackman methodology is essential for any business looking to disrupt and innovate. This book will help you unlock the kind of customer love every entrepreneur dreams about.”

Joe Jackman is the CEO of Jackman Reinvents, the world’s first and foremost reinvention company. An advisor to consumer brands, retailers, B2B companies, and private equity partners for more thirty years, Jackman has proven invaluable to leaders intent on sharpening strategy and orchestrating insight-led reinventions of their businesses. Throughout his career as strategist, creative director, marketer, and Reinventionist, he has helped companies create the most powerful and relevant versions of their brands and businesses in record time; he is widely considered to be the leading expert on rapid reinvention. Jackman lives in Toronto, Canada; works across North America; and lectures around the globe.

ISBN 978-1-989025-92-5
$32.95 CAD $24.95 USD
Published January 28, 2020
6.5 × 9.5 248 Pages
Hardcover, ebook