The Content Fuel Framework

How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas

Melanie Deziel

Never before have we consumed as much content, in as many forms, and in as many places as we do now. This means marketers, creators, and anyone who communicates with an audience is under more pressure than ever to deliver unique content, consistently. How can you fill all those web pages, social feeds, blogs, and newsletters, every single day?

In The Content Fuel Framework, trained journalist and award-winning content marketer Melanie Deziel shows you how to maximize your creativity by systematizing it. This simple framework catalyzes the brainstorming process, making idea generation effortless and nearly automatic. No more writer’s block. No more asking “what should I post?” No more waiting for that “big idea” to show up in its own time. This system allows storytellers from any industry to produce fresh story ideas on demand, any time.

The Content Fuel Framework will challenge you—and enable you—to tell stories in entirely new ways. It’s an adaptable and evergreen guide you’ll come back to again and again.


“Sometimes you pick up a book and immediately think, ‘This is so useful, how is it possible that nobody has written it before?’ Melanie Deziel’s The Content Fuel Framework is such a book. If you have or aspire to have an audience of any kind, this book is for you. As you read Deziel’s description of each type of focus, with lots of examples, ideas for your own content will inevitably pop up. That’s gold. If your content is stuck in a rut, get a copy of The Content Fuel Framework.”

“Marketers struggling to create engaging content will have a savior in The Content Fuel Framework. The Focus + Format approach is a simple yet highly effective way to inspire numerous rich ideas to rescue any content marketing program.”

“An innovative, effective system for creating content that delivers the one thing every audience craves: relevancy. Highly recommended!”

The Content Fuel Framework delivers on its promise: Melanie’s system will ignite new ideas for getting your message out, and get you fired up to create content in ways you’d never even considered.”


“Marketing doesn’t need another content marketing book. But we do need a practical, accessible, ridiculously useful guide to reimagining our great ideas in a hundred different ways (literally!). The Content Fuel Framework should come packaged with every 2020 marketing plan. Highly recommend!”

“Melanie Deziel’s book, The Content Fuel Framework, is exactly what businesses need today to get noticed. I’ve published over 6,000 pieces of content online, and I’m not sure I’d publish another tweet without spending more time deep in her words. You should too.”

“Did you ever hear the story about the person who consistently created meaningful, compelling, and relevant content? That story starts with this book and ends with your success. Read it. Use it. And live happily ever after. If you’re in the driver’s seat of content creation, this book is your fuel.”

“The most dreaded question for any content creator is ‘what should I talk about?’ In this book Melanie Deziel not only makes this question into a joy to answer, but she does it through an incredibly powerful and easy-to-understand framework. If true creativity is the engine we must fuel, Melanie’s framework is the simple instructions that can help us all drill for oil.”

“Content creation is a lot of work and takes great consistency to pay off. It’s important to have a game plan, but knowing where to start is still the challenge. Melanie Deziel lays it all out for you in The Content Fuel Framework. This must-read is the guide you need to achieve the clarity to successfully catapult your ideas into the world, allowing you to present a reliable and trustworthy brand.”

“If your content marketing tank is running low, Melanie Deziel’s book will connect you to a deep and rich well of content ideas so you never run dry again.”

“A marketer is only as good as their storytelling. Melanie Deziel’s framework for effective content strategy development is airtight and a game changer for anyone from seasoned marketers to newbies. Meet your new secret weapon. The Content Fuel Framework isn’t a book; it’s an action plan guaranteed to take your storytelling to the next level. Get ready to unlock your most productive and impactful marketing tool yet. Don’t have another content brainstorm until you’ve read The Content Fuel Framework.

“In the world of content creation and marketing, it’s becoming harder to stand out in today’s very noisy, crowded online space. However, there is hope! Melanie Deziel has served up the framework we’ve all been looking for to help generate idea after idea, leading to a consistent stream of original, high-quality content that’ll serve your niche for years to come. Dive in!”


Melanie Deziel is the founder of StoryFuel, a consulting service that equips marketers, creators, and business owners with the skills and strategies to tell better brand stories. As the first editor of branded content at the New York Times’ T Brand Studio, Deziel won the 2014 and 2015 Best Native Advertising Execution OMMA Awards, including the acclaimed “Women Inmates” piece for Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. She was a founding member of HuffPost Partner Studio, and served as the director of creative strategy at Time Inc., building branded content strategy across thirty-five-plus US media properties, including Time, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Deziel has appeared at Content Marketing World, Native Ad Days, SXSW, Social Media Marketing World, Inbound, and more, all as part of her mission to share the power of compelling and credible content.

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Published February 24, 2020
5.5 × 8.5 204 Pages
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