The Art of Creative Rebellion

How to Champion Creativity, Change Culture and Save Your Soul

John S. Couch

Can a creative mind thrive in a corporate landscape? Can a business leader use creativity to guide teams more effectively?

From one of today’s leading creative minds comes a book for modern rebels on building a rewarding life without losing your edge. Written for uncompromising creative thinkers and aspiring changemakers, The Art of Creative Rebellion encapsulates insights and wisdom collected over a life of creative and professional prosperity. In these frank and insightful reflections, John S. Couch shares with young free thinkers the uncompromising principles needed to thrive in a world that seems to reward conformity. Above all, The Art of Creative Rebellion is a guide to shaping a life, career and reality that nourishes the spirit and feeds the soul—without compromises or apologies.


“John S. Couch lays out a compelling and inspiring ‘how-to’ for kickstarting your life into a world of creative ideas. His approach inspires genuine belief that this elusive trait known as creativity can actually be cultivated by any one of us.”

“John S. Couch is a refreshingly honest truth teller who shares his experiences with us and brings us along for the ride. Grab this book whenever you need to jump-start your creative engine.”

“How do rebels build teams that foster everyone’s individuality, and encourage dissimilar people to collaborate without demanding conformity? The Art of Creative Rebellion offers practical advice for creating order without too much control or chaos.”

“Creativity is personal. This account of creativity is personal and that is what makes it such a valuable read. If you aspire to be creative, or remain creative, then dive into this book and learn how personal choice and intense passion translate into excellence and achievement.”


“This is a rigorous call to take creatively honest action! It is about untethering ourselves from daily shrinkage in our creative labors. The Art of Creative Rebellion is a generous testament to the importance of creativity as a life practice and moral commitment. John S. Couch eloquently offers truth, wisdom and wit while conveying how your work can (and really must) override predetermined expectations and output measurements. John puts his extraordinary life, attained perspectives and creative leadership in service to being infinitely useful to others.”

“It’s so easy, so predictable to travel from the freedom of a child to the conformity of an adult. If you want to buck that trend, it won’t happen accidentally. This is the book to help you plan and deliver on a life that’s courageously and creatively lived.”

“The ideals and creative dreams of your youth haven’t been choked out by the constriction of corporate culture—they’re waiting to be reclaimed through a small act of conscious rebellion. John S. Couch shows us how to clear the distractions and reconnect to the spark within.”

“John S. Couch delivers a kindly roadmap for the individual creative soul. His fluid and engaging writing style confidently guides the reader to step up, stand their ground and achieve; all for a life well lived. Bravo!”

“John has built not just the primer for a creative job, but an exercise routine for a joyful soul.”

“The Art of Creative Rebellion is a masterful koan on the essence of design. Like a true Zen teacher, John S. Couch writes with a poetic brush and sharp sword. This book is a call to arms for designers who seek to make a meaningful impact in an evolving world. I love this book!”

“John S. Couch wants to give his younger self the wisdom of a career in design among the top-level technocrats who shape our reality. While his time machine is on backorder, he’s written it all down in this book, so the rest of us can benefit as well. I’m looking forward to consulting John’s book often to get a fresh poke in the ribs and a gentle kick in the ass!”

“I wish I’d have had The Art of Creative Rebellion as my bedside mentor as I started my career. John S. Couch challenges us at each turn to be more creative, more truthful and more honest with ourselves, our families and our colleagues.”

“This book has the power to re-energize, reaffirm and reboot; a resounding carpe diem to save the soul and bring creativity back into the future of design.”

“The Art of Creative Rebellion doesn’t simply teach you how to keep the creative juices flowing during a lifetime of work; it also shows you how to navigate and survive the corporate world with your creative life force intact.”

“John S. Couch is like the Forrest Gump of design—he’s been involved in nearly every interesting moment of change in digital design history and has been generous enough to capture it for the benefit of others.”

“A glimpse into the mind of a creative leader, The Art of Creative Rebellion offers a starkly honest assessment of what it means to live courageously in the business of design.”

“John S. Couch’s manifesto is the perfect inspiration for creatives of all types—from artists to writers, to entrepreneurs and scientists. We all have a creative rebel within us, and John shows the way to awaken our inner creators and makers.”

“The success of the human species depends on our ability to unlock creativity and solve the planet’s grandest challenges. The Art of Creative Rebellion is the definitive guide for those who desire to solve the unsolvable, think the unthinkable and manifest the impossible.”

“John knows what you’re going through. The Art of Creative Rebellion is smart, helpful and filled with empathy and humor.”


Widely recognized as one of the great creative minds of our modern world, John S. Couch is a prolific artist and designer working as an Entertainment and Technology Specialist focused on cross-platform content strategies. He is currently Vice President, Product Design for on-demand video service Hulu, where he lead its successful 2017 Hulu Experience redesign across mobile, living room and web platforms.

His first job out of college was curating an art show in London of Beat writer William Burroughs’ “Shotgun Paintings” (as implied, shotguns and exploding cans of spray paint were involved). In classic young starving artist mode, he ambulated to Paris, Vienna and Tokyo before finally settling in San Francisco. He launched his design career at Wired Magazine, where he shared an office with Douglas Coupland (Generation X) and developed a love for technology, design and tech. Fluent in Japanese, he helped launch Wired Japan before moving to LA, where he took on leadership roles at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), CBS and eBay, finally landing at Hulu.

Couch lives with his wife and daughter in the Santa Monica Mountains, California, where, in addition to his day job, he writes every morning before sunrise and paints every evening.

ISBN 978-1-989025-94-9
$24.95 CAD $19.95 USD
Published January 21, 2020
6 x 8 328 Pages
Paperback, ebook