STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry

Protecting Yourself from Well-Intended but Oblivious Advisors

John J. De Goey

Canadian investors are at risk and they don’t even know it. Their well-intended advisors often give poor advice based on traditional approaches that are demonstrably wrong. The fundamental problem is advisor bias, and no one talks about it because virtually everyone is oblivious to it—including advisors themselves. In STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry, bestselling author and award-winning advisor John J. De Goey arms investors with the tools they need to hold advisors accountable and to navigate an industry that has refused to adapt to a changing financial landscape.

In this concise and accessible guide, John J. De Goey:

  • Explains how we’ve gotten to our current state, with misguided advisors providing harmful advice to investors;
  • Identifies the key problems that are not being addressed proactively within the financial services industry; and most importantly
  • Helps readers solve these problems in order to make better investment decisions.

STANDUP empowers Canadian investors to demand accountability from an industry that has refused to acknowledge its own shortcomings—and helps them invest wisely and successfully.


“If you thought understanding investment fees is only about transparency, you’re mistaken. In his new book, John J. De Goey makes a great argument for why advisors often make well-intended recommendations but slip up. In fact, many times, what advisors believe is fundamentally wrong! John’s insight is unique and, coupled with investor tips for decoding advisor doublespeak, as well as guidance on how to find a good advisor, this book is indispensable for every Canadian investor hoping to get good value from their financial professional.”

“Many financial advisors provide Canadians with good advice while many others give bad advice. The big problem is most Canadian investors can’t tell the difference. John J. De Goey’s new book provides investors with the insight and motivation to STANDUP for themselves, ask the right questions and get the quality advice they deserve.”

“John J. De Goey offers consumers a new direction and a new hope: knowledge of their advisor’s human biases (and their own) that can lead investors to the right investment questions and answers—and to a fairer, higher return on their money.”


“John J. De Goey offers a thoughtful, insightful, evidence-based analysis of the fundamental problem inherent in today’s financial services industry. Investors believe that they are receiving good advice that is in their best interest while extensive research data shows this is not the case. Investors need to hold the industry accountable and challenge the current paradigm. De Goey’s STANDUP paradigm is an idea whose time has come.”

“John J. De Goey gets to the heart of the wealth management problem: financial advisors not knowing what they don’t know and unwittingly misguiding their clients to use products and implement strategies that are likely to disappoint. He argues in a credible and compelling way for a radical change of investor engagement. In an era when financial security is largely a function of the decisions taken, there is the very real likelihood of tragic outcomes for investors who simply do not understand the fundamentals of investing because those advising them don’t understand them either.”

“Once again, we are treated to a provocative analysis of our industry by someone who has obviously devoted significant time and energy to research it thoroughly and assimilate his perceptions into recommendations for anyone who chooses to listen. You may not agree with John J. De Goey’s conclusions or advice; but his arguments might shape some of your thinking about your business.”

“John J. De Goey has given us a comprehensive analysis of some of the most pressing issues that investors face and has even included key insights from behavioural finance to inform his views. Without question, this book is well worth reading.”


JOHN J. DE GOEY is a portfolio manager with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth and a national authority on professional, transparent, and evidence-based financial advice. The recipient of numerous awards, including a Lifetime Contribution Award to financial planning in Canada from the Financial Planning Standards Council, De Goey has written for a number of media sources, including MoneySense, the Globe and Mail, and the National Post, and he has made numerous appearances on a variety of television programs, including CBC’s Marketplace and The National, BNN’s Bloomberg’s Market Call, and CTV’s’s Canada AM. His previous book, The Professional Financial Advisor, was first released in 2003 and is now in its fourth edition. He lives in Toronto.

ISBN 978-1989025437
$24.95 CAD Published May 7, 2019
6 × 9 206 Pages
Paperback, ebook