Indian Cowboy

True Tales from a Local Legend

Wilf Bennett

It is amazing what a person can do once they make up their mind to leave the drugs and alcohol behind . . .

Wilf Bennett is the real deal—a modern-day cowboy with a timeless love of a good yarn, and the saddle-sore, rain-drenched experiences that give rise to the best of them. As a guide at Skmana Lake Trail Rides, a rodeo cowboy, the entertainment at Sun Peaks Resort, and a well-known character in his hometown of Chase, BC, Wilf is larger than life with a heart to match. From colorful escapades at the rodeo to close encounters with grizzlies, this collection of Wilf’s best stories captures his grounding in Secwepemc culture, and his life in the saddle and on the wagon. Wilf is an inspiration to many, young and old, and this publication marks a momentous occasion: his twenty-fifth year of sobriety.

There are a few funny stories in here I hope folks get a laugh at. There’s times I had a lot of fun. And sometimes I didn’t. Enjoy the read.


“Thank you, Wilf, for what you brought to Sun Peaks. Thank you for your books, and thank you for bringing the Secwepemc people and the Sun Peaks community closer together.”

Wilf Bennett was born and raised in Kamloops, BC, and still lives nearby in Whitecroft, BC. His mom died when he was young and his dad, who worked hard on a ranch, sent him to be raised by his aunt and uncle. As an adult, Wilf’s love of horses had him working on ranches during the week and riding broncs and bulls part-time on weekends. There were times he spent in bars and passed out in some strange places, and he also did time in jail because of drinking. With the help of some kind folks, Wilf finally managed to stop drinking and has been sober for nearly twenty-five years. In those years he wrote eight books, with one, Cowboys and Rodeo Fans, honored in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Library in Ponoka, Alberta. Now that he’s retired, Wilf enjoys the rodeo from the grandstands and often has a table of memorabilia for sale. In his setup, you’ll find his books, which, when you read them, sound just like Wilf telling the story in front of you in cowboy hat and boots.

ISBN 978-1-7770416-0-1
Published December 12, 2019
6 × 9 254 Pages